Is Trimp the Antichrist?

This pride of the Evangelicals, is a GHOUL! What a cold-hearted pussy-grabber. I order evangelical leaders out of my kindred’s party!

Get out!


  • Trump: Maniacs stopped the momentum
    Trump: Maniacs stopped the momentum
    During a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri, President Donald Trump alluded to the “maniacs” behind recent attacks — pipe bombs mailed to high-ranking Democrata close up of a car: Video shows woman fight with bus driver, causing deadly crash into river

At a rally for GOP Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley, President Trump said that the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre suspect and the man accused of sending bombs in the mail to prominent Democratic figures managed to slow the political momentum of Republicans before the midterm elections.

“We did have two maniacs stop a momentum that was incredible, because for seven days nobody talked about the elections,” he said at the rally Thursday. “It stopped a tremendous momentum.” He added, “More importantly, we have to take care of our people, and we don’t care about momentum when it comes to a disgrace like just happened to our country.”

“But it did nevertheless stop a certain momentum, and now the momentum is picking up,” Mr. Trump said.

He also hit Democrats as “loco” and a party of “rigid ideology and total conformity” at the second in a marathon of rallies before Election Day. Mr. Trump is in Columbia, Missouri, campaigning for Hawley, who is locked in a tight race against incumbent

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