Is Trump a Religious Co-Terrorist?

A Trump fanatic has been arrested for sending bombs. There are images of bullseyes on his van.

In the last two days, Donald Trump has made it very clear he is only interested in being President of registered Republicans and their families. For more than ten years I have labeled the Christian-right a Terrorist Organization because their ministers encourage their flocks to quit the Democratic Party and become a Republican. Because of abortion clinic bombings, and End Time Threats, many evangelicals are into terrorizing citizens in order to get them to do their bidding. There is a clash between God’s Will, and taking part in Democratic Elections.

Trump has politicized this “bomb stuff” He is more concerned about losing votes, than maintaining our National Safety and Identity which has always been strengthened when  we are United. Consider the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. I am sure his evangelical handlers are instructing our President to put their agenda above all others. These leaders pray a thousand Pearl Habors take place so only a handful of survivors will behold King Jesus who is hell bent on ruling the world. Why? Because, Jesus can’t be a Loser!

Many Americans awoke this morning wishing they lived somewhere else. It feels like we have a Mad Man in the White House, and, here is his Best Mad Man who has replaced the American Voter. Have we run out of good choices? If the FBI had followed Trump’s FAKE LEAD, and investigated CNN and THE PRESS, the Motivated Mad Bomber would not have been caught. And that’s a fact – Jack!

This Right-wing Bomber – worships Trump! Trump is his god! Cesar Sayoc Jr. drove around his van, his Church of Trump, that was adorned with his message of how much he loves Donald, and hates those who oppose him. I suspect Cesar believes there are thousands of Donald Lovers in America, who want to go on the warpath, go on crusade – and kill Donald’s Devils! I have the motive. Cesar wanted to START his conservative brand of……………HELTER SKELTER! Cesar knows about Copycats. He wanted to light the fuse for mass bombings.

Cesar spliced Donald’s messages together. He beheld the New Charlie Manson. He looked at all those women that cling to The Messiah! Mad Donald’s Dizzy Dames are draped all over King Trump whom Cesar, serves! He did his bidding. Squeaky Fromme is – FREE!

It is official, the President of the United States is……A CULT LEADER! He has the ignition switch for the BIG BOMBS in his hand. He is…………A PARANOID! He is – GOD! We don’t have to read between the lines anymore. Trump USED Cesar to tell us the – TRUTH! The truth is, Trump hates to lose! He is a poor loser! He is a bad loser. Cesar and Lance are losers who wanted to take down as many people as possible. If Trump had lost his bid to be President, there would have been hell to pay. The thought of losing in Florida, has caused him to come unhinged. Cesar  Sayoc Jr. is TRUMP’S BASE! This is the dude he tweets to deep into the dark night – made manifest! Here is the President’s Phantom, his Monster of the Id. Cesar is………TRUMP’S DOWNFALL………..unmasked!

Cesar put Trump in the White House. Trump, hates to be upstaged. Cesar, will remove Trump from the White House.

“How the mighty have fallen.:

John Presco


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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