Take and Squat

SLEEPS tried to take over downtown Eugene. Only I dare get in their way. I am sure they used sex-victim-blackmail to render other males impotent. Kim Hafner is trying to take over McKenzie Meadows using THEIR tactics. So is Krista. This blog showed them how.

Kim is a scum-sucking slanderer and pig who suffers from deed depression. Fighting with me takes her mind off her Fat Prison she is shut in – with no male visitors!

There are two books about my sister and a movie script that a director bought. Kim’s BIG CHANCE is to be Raptured by a sky-god that is not real. She sees her blubber being hefted up into the air. She turns, and throws the Left Behind – the bird.

Rosamond Press

Belle Burch is for taking land that does not belong to her and living on it, or, planting a garden on seized land. Does this apply to other people’s copyrighted material?

““It tells the story we are trying to tell with this garden,” Farinacci says. “We’re really trying to not just create another community garden but really talk about issues that our county and our city faces, from clearcuts to homelessness to how we live in the urban space.”

Belle Burch was spreading a secret message for her people’s cause when I met her. She was plotting how to plant anarchist seeds in this blog from the get. This is NOT just about gardening and writing books. This is fucking anarchy! Feed the homeless – and fuel anarchy!

Jon Presco




If you’re driving south into Eugene from I-105, look east to the foot of Skinner Butte and you may…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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