Kim Hafner Unfriended Me

The Gang of Six gave indications they are reading this blog in their Big Showdown yesterday. They brought out their Big Bertha, what’s her name – Krists? – who went livid when I mispoke her name. This told me she, and her Beat Me Up Boy, spend alot of time on the computer. I suspect they are seen as leaders of a Right-wing Christian Club. Just a hunch.

Rosamond Press

Kim Hafner unfriended me from facebook because she did not like all my posts on the “Rapture Rats”. I have to thank her for opening my eyes, because she made me realize that there was a Hidden Edict everyone was obeying, being;

“Only believers in thy blessed Rapture, may talk about the Rapture. If the vile disbeliever dare speaketh of these things, they must be whisked away to a local asylum, or, be put to death!”

I couldn’t believe I was going along with this edict – festering in a Secular Democracy! Why shouldn’t ‘The Doomed and the Damned’ be able to talk about their terrible fate – to anyone they please?

I told Kim she was the inspiration for my Tug Boat Anny revival, and then posted on her being the Antichrist. I am sure her mother read it, Saint Susan of the Fields Springfield the alleged Home of…

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