How To Paint Like Rosamond

Christine Rosamond Benton was surrounded by famous artists, and not one of them thought to do her portrait. Rosamond’s beautiful women were found all over the world. Christine was the model for several of them. She took a photo of herself for ‘Rosemary Circa 1950’. This is the only Rosamond worthy of hanging in a museum, along with the family photo above, with this title……….


Having been the only male at Incest Survivor groups in Eugene Oregon, I had studied this subject. The first lesson is……..”The mother always knows!”

Brett Kavanugh’s mother knew she gave birth to a two-faced monster. Is she still alive? I would have put her on the witness stand. I knew history was going to be made one way or the other, and thus I made sure ‘Empty Space’ was well documented. You can write a whole book describing this masterful photograph. I suspect Vic’s cousin, Fred Broderick, took this shot. Why not. Everyone knew what was coming, every damn holiday.

“Do we have to invite ‘The Battling Prescos’ to Christmas Dinner?”

“He’s Melba’s only child who managed to sire four children. We must keep the Stuttmiester linage going. It’s the only classy thing about us!”

“What about Greg. When he was twelve, he did that fine oil of the pond in the vineyard?”

“I hear he hike out there and set up his easel in the grove of trees!”

“But, when poor Melba went to get her friends to see the what the Boy Wonder had rendered, he took a rag and turpentine, and rubbed the pond out. In it’s place he did was Salvador Dali. He had blook coming from a gold chalice turned on its side. There were tears and bullets raining from the sky.  Melba about fainted when she saw this grotesque work of Human Vanity and Sin.”

I told Vic’s mothers why I took away the pond.

“I wanted to see if I could do such a normal work. I am a surrealists, after Dali.”

When I began ‘Empty Space’ I noticed something profound in the eary photographs. I have my head down, because I am looking at something. Am I deliberately not looking at my attention-seeking parents who worked by hard to keep everyone focused on them – just them! Trying to FIX Mr. and Mr’s Presco, was the Prime Directive. To get them to stop arguing was the Family Ambition. This is why you see my little sister, dazed and confused, come crawling to me. Being by me, was her only bliss. She needed a respite. Of course Vic and Rosemary noticed us. Of course they worked overtime to put a wedge between us. Destroying our beloved bond, was their – masterpiece!

Let me make this clear. I never listened so hard to a human being as I did to Marilyn on Friday night, because she was not asking me to FORGET what these vile people did to me, and Christine, but, LOOK at what they did, so you can FIND forgiveness.  This very beautiful being assured me Vic and Rosemary are in a much better place, and they know what they did, and regret – everything! They are truly sorry. They are proud of me, alas. Why?………..Because I bonded with a very beautiful young woman. We were a wonder to behold. We had a very positive influence on Christine and Vicki. They need to see this. They need to see two people in love.

John Presco

Copyright 2018

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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