Tales of the Artful Stalker ‘The Kiss’

Hurtful Art Wars and Vengeful National Arguments.

I entered a painting in ‘The Mayor’s Show’ at the Emerald Art Association last night. I did not make an announcement lest my enemies go on the attack, and demand this painting be removed, even……….DESTROYED!

In regards to the Trump and Kavanaugh Victory, my late sister and I suffered a great defeat – or did we? If only I had written Rosamond’s biography, then the Democrats could have weaponized it, and brought down Kavanaugh – and Trump! It would have been the go-to book on sexual abuse – with healing! Instead I am attacked by my muses, Rena and Belle who I call…………Renabelle.

Here is more ammunition for the McKimbo Tribe, more proof how seriously demented I am. Weeeelll! This is how real artists have long been depicted! Christine Rosamond was made out to be “seriously deranged” in Snyder’s book Kim Hefner claims she did not read. She too chose not to be on my side, or on Rosamond’s side! You have to wonder why, but, why bother!

All the focus today, is on the woman Senators who voted for Kavanaugh to hear our National Arguments. Then there are the millions of women who rooted for him, and, loath Christine Ford. My accusers should be against Kavanaugh being voted onto the Supreme Court. I would like to call them up and interview them for my newspaper. However, I have been restrained. Their opinions have already been aired in this PROPHETIC blog. I am guilty as charged, they concluded. I say………I WAS FRAMED! This defence has way more clout then it did two days ago, thanks to the twenty million women who voted for Trump.

Brett Kavanaugh, STALKED WOMEN! He was a Stalker. Why didn’t the Democrats bring in  professional psychologist to describe the behavior of a Stalker and Alcoholic. They could have brought in the DA who convicted Bill Cosby. For some reason these elected officials believed they were experts.

Try this truth on for size. When I visited Vicki Presco, who was living in Vic Presco’s home, and was on his perk work system, I asked her if it was true, that our father raped our niece, she spat this out in disgust;

“Shannon knew better than to drink with Vic. The same thing happened to Christine and I when we drink with him in our twenties!”

I had one years of sobriety. I graduated from the New Hope program at Serenity Lane. New Hope had just taken a disastrous turn for the worse as I counted the noses of three women I am close kin to, being raped by a man who had a restraining order against him after the divorce. Vic had no visitation rights.

“Who introduced you to alcohol?” I asked Lil Vicki ‘The Innocent’.

“Vic!” she answered.

“Who introduced Christine to alcohol?”


Our cigarette break was over. We went back into the house. And, there he was ‘The Monster’ who got away with raping three women. No one called the cops.

A month later I called the cops, and the IRS. I wanted to take away Big Vic’s bag of candy, his perk system. He was convicted of Loan Sharking in 1994. He died six months after Christine.

Then there was the time he went for his gun in his top drawer. I shouted…….

“Grow up!”

He froze. He got the message – alas!

Judge Kavanaugh does not have to grow up thanks to the Republican Party. This is a National Embarrassment that the Russians knew about – years ago! How did they get information of Brett?………………………………..?

ANSWER: They got him shit-faced drunk!


Why didn’t the Democrats say Brett’s drinking is a Security risk? What if he wakes up in bed with a donkey, and there at the foot of the bed, is a pretty Russian photographer?

John Presco

Copyright 2018


Rosamond Press




Three weeks after my sister, the world famous artist ‘Rosamond’ drowned, the adult heir is arrested for trespassing and removed from her mother’s home in Pebble Beach. After Shannon Rosamond demanded her mother’s cremated remains, Garth Benton, set his ex-wife’s ashes out on the stoop, and slammed the door. There was a restraining order forbidding Garth to get near Christine who accused him of stalking and harassing her. Above is the affidavit Vicki signed.

On January 27, 2014, a deputy sheriff in Montana, told me my must, Rena Easton filed stalking charges against me. I was told I could be arrested if I make contact with an old girlfriend I had not seen in forty-four years. Rena red my blog where I nominated her as the must of famous sister – too! I was Christine’s teacher, and am her biographer who has put together some incredible history that enhances Rosamond’s…

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