Was There A Conspiracy To Kill Me?

Above are photographs of Cheryl Erickson struggling with rescue people who took her away to the Johnson Unit. She tried to kick one guy in the balls. This was over a year ago. My neighbor below, Kim Hafner, told me she knocked the guy that has a hold of her on his ass, on the stairs. I would not want to try to restrain her – to save my life! What if she had a knife? She has been trying to come in my home once a week to clean up her mess on my patio. I am afraid of her. She threatened my life.

Yesterday, my Neighbor, Sandy Maricle, and I came back from having dinner at the C Street Church, and spotted our neighbor, who I will not name. We said, “Hello”.  She came over to speak with us. We have a mutual friends, Alberta, who used to live here. This woman said;

“You are such a good neighbor. You are a beautiful person. You always greet me with a smile. Neighbors should be like family. Lately, we don’t have good neighbors.”

I visited this woman when she was in the hospital with Alberta, who is a devout Christian. Sandy told me about the con-artist she just dealt with, and what Alberta said;

“I sit in this chair all day – and I still get into trouble!”

Alberta is 95 years of age, and still wants me to be buried next to her. Our mutual friend is from Afghanistan, and has lived here as long as I have. I say Hello to all members of her family who would like to go home, but, their life would be at risk.

On September 15, 2018, Cheryl Erickson said this to me;

“I was going to put a hit on you!”

She said this in front of her caregiver, who spilled water on my deck and said she was sorry. She was happy Cheryl and I were burying the axe. I had gone up to thank her for sending her other caregiver  down to sweep my deck.

“What did you say?” I asked Cheryl, and, she took me outside on the balcony.

“I was going to put a hit on you. I was so angry at you……..”

Two years ago, Cheryl’s son approached me while I was about to get in my truck and asked me if I was giving his mother a bad time. I reported this incident to management. Cheyrl told me he is very volatile. Eight years ago they replaced our deck with treated lumber made to withstand water. Five years later two rotted boards are replaced that her planters sate upon, without bottoms.

Cheryl did not care if she destroyed property, or if she was making my life difficult. She knew she had ended our friendship. I made several complaints. I followed managements instructions to not even speak with her. I suspect I was an object of her gossiping, where she depicts herself as a tormented victim, who all of a sudden stopped talking to her for no reason, and has it out for her.  She told me her caregiver was nuttier than her. Does she know some tough guys?

All Cheryl had to do, was put bottoms on her plant and get rid of her bamboo plant that are notoriously dirty plants. I offered to buy her a potted evergreen, as a solution. She had lied about all the seeds being bird seeds that the birds scattered all over the place. I believe she lies about how much she loves me. This is a form of stalking.

On the 20th. I heard loud voices and banging about. I looked out my window and saw Cheyrl’s brother and his wife. There was shouting. The next day I see the same caregiver talking to the police. Cheryl reported her car stolen. She told me her brother was a thief, and, he wanted very little to do with her. Lucky him! He gets to go home – off the ward – while I am held in suspense every day, all day! Cheryl was taken to the Johnson Unit kicking and screaming after banging on my door add creating a scene. Last week, Cheryl shows up in her pajamas.

I have seen a lot of cop cars, fire trucks, and ambulances thanks to her. She drives on meds, and has been reckless. My neighbor is a First Class Shit Disturber, and my immediate neighbors know it. Why then did some of them title me “Deranged”? How many members of Kim Hafner’s Kangaroo Court heard Cheryl threaten my life – and encouraged her in any manner? I am about to call the FBI and report this threat – and possible conspiracy! Are my Civil Rights being violated? I am a Senior Citizen, who has not felt safe – for years! I will have them contact the brother.

My trouble with Cheryl began when I drove her to buy plants for her balcony – ten years ago. She bought big pots – without bottoms. I asked why? She doesn’t like bottoms. I told her I would pay for them because I don’t want water and dirt coming down on me. She refused! She was jabbering. She was being irrational! I was shocked.

After her fall, I had been taking her to doctor appointments. She was getting all my attention. I cared about her. We were not involved. I told her I did not want a  girlfriend. Is this how she repays me? I grew distant. I did not do things for her anymore. The water came pouring down on my patio for ten years! I had potting soil all over my patio – I hardly used. And now – I must die!

Three months ago a manager came over to see the water on my deck, and the water on Kim Hafner’s patio, below. She asked Kim if she just watered down her patio with a hose. She said “No:. She made Cheryl get bottoms for her plants. Then, last week, came the attack of The Dead Bamboo Plant. The sane solution I came up with, is to sweep the seeds and leaves off my deck, with no care how much crap fell thru the cracks on to Ms. Hafner’s patio below. Let Cheryl go down there and clean up her rubble. This way, she does not have to come into my abode once a week – or Hafners! What a genius I am! I am going to seek a Restraining Order, and, if she knocks on my door, I will call the police!

After ten hellish years, the hideous Patio Plant War – is over? Was it worth it? Hell yes! Cheryl got hundreds of hours of attention, and the finest excuse a woman can own as to why she went insane! Do you think Springfield’s ‘Drama Queen’ is done with me? Should I wear a hard hat?

In this video Cheryl asks;

“What’s wrong with him? Why doesn’t he like me. He doesn’t mean it.”

It can not be the water and her planters. Something has to be wrong with me. Kim Hafner, a registered nurse who worked on the Johnson Unit, concludes I am “seriously deranged”. She tells my neighbors this, who are now afraid of me. She got behind Cheryl in playing The Victim Game. They demonized me.

A year ago I suggested Hafner damaged my sister’s biography, or, someone she leant it to, folded the pages over. She denied it. I let it slide for a year. Then, Kim accused me of attacking her religion. She says I imagine people have it out for me. She contacted my daughter on facebook, and demonized me. They never met. This is an egregious violation of my privacy. The occupants of Apt. 106, and 306, want me out of here.

Here is an account of the attempt the Boston Mafia made on my life.


Here is the letter I composed to Umbrella Property.

To: Umbrella Properties                                                                                        Sept. 22, 2018

From: John Presco

717 Oakdale # 216

Springfield. Or.

On Sept. 19, 2018, my upstairs neighbor, in 316, knocked on my door.. I opened it to find Cheryl dressed in pajamas, with feet. It was 1:00 P.M. She had a pen in her hand. She wanted to come inside and work on a schedule where she comes in and sweeps the rubble and seeds from her dead bamboo tree – off my balcony. I did not want her in my house. She had shown up a week earlier with a letter, and a broom in one hand. I had let her caregiver come in a sweep two weeks ago, and thanked Cheryl for being considerate. 

Over a year ago, where Cheryl knocked on my door, and when I answered , she fell half-way into my house. She screamed for me to call 911, which I did. The same caregiver showed up. She had taken a ten minute smoke break. I needn’t have been involved. Cheryl writhed on the ground, saying how much she loved me, but, I am mean to her. She was taken to the Johnson Unit for a few days. We have never had intimate relations. 

In her letter Cheryl says her bamboo is completely dead. She asks me what the solution is. I suggested she throw it out, and thus, there would be no need for a routine sweep. She refused.

Two days ago she told me the wild birds had spread birdseed all over the place. These are bamboo seeds. She lied. I suspect she shook her dead tree. This is a stratagem to get in my house, and get chummy with me, something I told her many times, I do not want. This constitutes – STALKING!

She makes false emergency situations, and dirties my property in order to have me think about her. I don’t want think about her. I am afraid she may make fake accusations next. She does not take no for an answer. For 8 years, she poured water down on my balcony, and rotted the boards. I feared her heavy planters, without bottoms, would crash down on me. To make matters worse, my downstairs neighbor, Kim Hafner  – is egging her on. 

I do not want to communicate with either of these women, and, that is their problem., They do not like me keeping to myself. I have lost much use of my balcony.


John Presco

Portion of Letter 

Jon!? John (I always write and wonder) We need to work out a system. John, for sure (at least) I do not want someone knocking at my door + walking thru my house to sweep deck+walk back thru. I am private person + and am sure you are. My bamboo is dead. All the leaves are dead John. If leaves can go thru those tiny deck cracks, I’m thinking, what about John’s deck.”

noun: conspiracy; plural noun: conspiracies
  1. a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
    “a conspiracy to destroy the government”
    synonyms: plot, scheme, plan, machination, ploy, trick, ruse, subterfuge;

    “a conspiracy to manipulate the results”
    • the action of plotting or conspiring.
      “they were cleared of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice”
      synonyms: plotting, collusion, intrigue, connivance, machination, collaboration;

      “conspiracy to commit murder”

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