John Van Trump Brevoort

On May 29,1889, John van Trump Brevoort died. But, he did not stay dead. Born in Paris to the illustrious Breevort family, who were close to Washington Irving, there was a quest for eternal life that brought the van Trumps to a crypt outsider Paris. The Beast was born here. He was called ‘The Phantom of Paris’.

Rosamond Press

There is something very strange about this name; John van Trump Brevoort who was born in Paris and is listed as a “real estate agent” There is a John Brevoort connected to the Brady family and much property in Harlem. Did the Brevoort family attempt to elude paying taxes on the sale of property they owned? This may be a family tradition. Note that the names of the parents is not recorded. Is John illegitimate? Do the Brevoort’s alas recognize the Trumps who come to America and become famous New York realtors?

Jon Presco

Friedrich Trump was born in Kallstadt, Palatinate, then part of the Kingdom of Bavaria, to Johannes Trump and Katharina Kober.[3]:28 Confessionally, the village was Lutheran[4] like most of the Palatinate but in contrast to the Bavarian mainland which was overwhelmingly Catholic. Trump’s earliest known male…

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