Killing Artists

I just found this disturbing post saying I was afraid to enter the Kesey mural contest because of the death threats I recived from Eugene Anarchist and other demented allies and friends of Alley Valkyrie. One liar threatened to tell all my facebook frineds about me. Did she contact Kim Hafner?


Springfield to Render Ken Kesey Mural
Posted on January 7, 2015
by Royal Rosamond Press

The Mayor of Springfield, Christine Lundberg, announced tonight there will be a mural honoring the author Ken Kesey. Ken’s family was present at Wildish Hall with the Mayor, which tells the citizens of the city I dwell in, that the Kesey Family Legacy is controlled by the family, and their blessing is needed for such an event.
This mural will be painted on the wall of the Odd Fellow’s Hall of which my kindred belonged in San Francisco.
Jon Presco

Rosamond Press



kill4kill5This morning I lie in my bed trying to decide if I am going to enter my idea for the Ken Kesey Mural in Springfield. I decided to enter, but, if I win, I am going to decline the honor because it would attract the SLEEPS anarchists who went after me when I caught them going after Ken Kesey Square in Eugene. I believe they would smear my mural and my name. I changed my mind five minutes ago when I read Islamic terrorists murdered cartoonists in France.

Here is the threat I received from Alley Valkyrie ten months ago. I did not know her. Belle did not tell me to stop calling her or write about her until after I received this threat that was carried out.

“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are…

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