Heather Chose To Vanish From My Life?

Dark Mother……Dark Daughter. Patrice Hason lied to me when she said she is not, nor ever was, a Scientologist. Many Dark Mother’s author fiction so they can take a man’s child from him, and turn that child against the father. Courthouses have more Female Fiction in them, then all the libraries put together. Many women love to lie, and are good at it. I want to do a reality show, where Dark Liars come on and tell the truth, alas. They will be paid $5,000 dollars. Their ex will be on the show. Waivers will be signed.

Rosamond Press

I suspect the Hansons and others are authoring a biography. Without my famous sister, what to they got to write about that many readers want to read? Patrice is a diabolical liar. She says in this letter, I kicked her and my unborn daughter out of my house and allowed her to go back to a convicted felon who was abusing her two sons. She asked me if she could live with me to get her sons away from Randy. Being abused, I wanted this.

After meeting with this monster for two hours, I asked her if she was considering going back to him. She told me she had not decided. Her two son heard this. Twenty minutes later, I asked her to leave. Randy was standing out in front of my apartment with a baseball bat. I had bad ass friends who wanted to clean his clock. If this…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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