Loyalty and Trust

Any daughter, who would encourage total strangers to harass an old man suffering from prostate cancer, is not the kind of daughter I wanted. Heather Hanson did not call me once when I went for 40 treatments for prostate cancer, and she was my Special Needs Trustee.

Believing I am severely mentally ill, Heather encouraged a total stranger to her, my neighbor – Kim Hafner – to harass me, and turn my neighbors against me. Did Hafner treat her patients in the Johnson Unit like this?

I saw the neighbor who I believe bent the pages over in my sister’s biography. She really avoided me. I believe Hafner had her read this blog. I disowned my daughter, and was having second thoughts. Thanks Kim Hafner. Heather is out of my Will – for good!

I believe Kim thought I was coming on to her and wanted a relationship, meaning doing the sex struggle thing. When I got my book back damaged, she wondered if it was – over. She called me and asked why I had grown distant. I lied. She feared I was talking about her. She smokes pot and get’s paranoid. She read on FB I had a falling out with my daughter. She went on the attack. She felt rejected because she is obese. I told her I am a recluse. She did not want to believe that. She wanted me to stop what I am doing and jump right in the Gooey Mess that is her life – and fix everything!

I met my Nurse Ratched. She launched the Man Haters at me, the misshapen, the rejects, the challenged women that are my neighbors. They put me in their Pillory of the Holy Losers, the Shame Pit of the women without men. The nightmare all writers have, has come true for me. I have suffered for my art!

“He thinks he is better than us! He looks down on us. He wishes he had better neighbors. He is a recluse because he hates Christians. He calls us Nazis. Let’s get him. Let’s work as one to destroy him – in the name of Jesus!”

No woman, not my daughter or her heathen Amazons, have bothered to know what a writer is like. They could have read a book, or, googled it. What they didn’t want me to have was – BOUNDARIES – a barrier I can put up. They wanted me ON THEIR WARD, where they could have at me, and fuck me all up! They wanted to – EXPOSE ME – strip me naked, strap me to a table and give painful electrical shock to my balls and penis.

For over a year I was at my daughter’s mercy. My attorney suggested I sue her. If I wanted to purchase something I had to call her in Santa Rosa. Her drunken Tea Party shithead lover had my daughter and grandson washing is racecar after a race. For two days she would not pick up. Finally she did, at the racetrack. Bill got on the phone….

“You’re about to lose your daughter!”

“Why is that, Bill?”

“You’re traumatizing her with your constant calls!”

“She’s my Trustee. She agreed in writing to be my Trustee. I need her to buy me things as part of the agreement.”

“You are a parasite!”

“Put Heather on the phone!”

“Do you agree with Bill I am a parasite?”

“You are a parasite. You get SSI.”

“Have you been divulging my private finances to Bill.”

“Yes. We’re in love. I tell him everything!”

For eight weeks I drove my little Toyota to get treated. Not one call from my Trustee did I get. My car was on its last legs. Bill wrecked his race car, and needed money. I read on FB that my daughter was in charge of a fundraiser.

Before I met Bill, Heather told me he refuses to see his mother who is confined to a wheelchair due to obesity. On the way back to the rental car after seeing the Grand Canyon, Bill points to a obese man being wheeled to the edge by his grandsons.

“How would you like to push that around all your life?”

My grandson looked puzzled. Bill and his Tea Party Paranoids couldn’t wait to slash Obamacare. Do you think Bill expressed a desire I die from cancer, because Heather was in my Will. Then, he could get the parts he needs for his race car, and alas, win a race. Bill and Trump have much in common. They are Toy Joy Boys who do not care about others.

This is a part of real important American History. The Christian-right formed the Tea Party. Evangelicals put Trump in the White House – hoping he would hurt people getting affordable healthcare. Heather and Bill utterly destroyed my mental wellbeing that translated into the degradation of my physical wellbeing. How I managed to keep on writing, and increasing the worth of the Creative, Historic, Spiritual Legacy of the Rosamond Branch of my family – is a real miracle! As Kim Hafner gleefully declares, no one is on my side.

Every time I was put on that table, and pushed into the donut, I felt like I was being crucified. When the Tea Party first demonstrated in Springfield, I went to Gateway, and blended in with them. I wondered where all these old ladies came from. I went into the parking lot, and looked for signs. I found The Fish Sign on many cars.

“My God! Those are old Church Hens, encouraged to demonstrate by their neo-Nazi Christian Fake Cowboy grandsons – and ministers!”

I will harry my enemy as their leader retreats, as their Messiah is led off to jail. I will harry my enemy. I will report on them. I will – expose them!

John Presco 007



What Are Writers Like?


A friend of mine asked me a curious question. It was curious, for two reasons, one, we were in our favorite watering hole and two, why would he think such a thing?

“Are most writers alcoholics?”

“What makes you ask that?”

“Well Dave, you are a writer and I’d like to become one and yesterday someone said to me if I become a writer there’s a chance I will be an alcoholic!”

I smiled and said, “Well, you know I like my wine with my meals but I am far from an alcoholic.”

“Some famous writers were alcoholics, such as Fitzgerald, Hemingway and Williams,” said my friend.


Heather Hanson Dismissed as Trustee

Flip was a bartender. He became Heather’s aunt’s lover, and Heather’s promoter. He refused to shake my hand, or, look me in the eye when we first met. He looked like he was going to hit me in the face. He was told I was treating my daughter, poorly, and leaving her drunken aunt out of the picture. I never met her. She chose to marry  a drunken millionaire attorney – for his money. He was too old to sire a child, but, THEY already had one, my daughter I never met. Her job was to be a surrogate child to the Comstocks. Then, I was found. Linda, felt threatened. She worked my daughter from behind the scenes. She sabotaged us. Flip died of alcoholism just after this evil photo was taken. The Buck Trust should study these family dynamics in order to save families and lives. These assholes are going after my grandson, and his mother is allowing it, because Linda has money. Her millionaire – died! This drunken witch has been teasing her niece – most of her life!

There is a DNA factor in my families’ genes that increases the chances all of us will become alcoholics. I see my grandson, Tyler Hunt, in the clutches of Drunken Demons. His life is in danger!

“People come to Mexico for the beautiful beaches and just unwind and let loose. But one Wisconsin family of four who visited in January to do just that lost their 20-year-old daughter. She was found face down in a swimming pool after drinking.”



On May 11, 2011, my estranged daughter, Heather Hanson, signed a legal document that made her my Trustee. She said she read this document. A month later we met in Bullhead City to open an account and deposit the $27,000 dollars my uncle, Vincent Rice, left me in his Trust. Because nine other family members were left $400,000 dollars in the same Trust, I felt this was a good time to ignore all that went wrong in Christine Rosamond Benton’s Probate, and in Victor Presco’s Trust, so that we may survive as a family, and move forward. Everyone was onboard me finishing my autobiography, and being recognized for my creative contributions. I was wrong! If I had read all of Tom Snyder’s slanderous biography of Christine, I would never have suggested any peace pact with my family, and Stacey Pierrot, the slanderous ‘Caretaker’ my kindred allowed to take control of a very important Artistic and Literary Legacy.

My daughter betrayed me every chance she got! She launched her raging alcoholic lover at me, he gleefully calling me a “parasite” because I got SSI. He knew this because my Trustee, Heather Hanson, filled him in on my private finances she had access to. She betrayed the Trust. She allowed Bill Cornwell to get away with his suggestion it was I who peed in the back seat of the rental car, paid by Trust monies, and not Drunken Aunt Linda Comstock whose lover toasted my grandson in a bar. You can see the large pitchers of beer they consumed before heading out on the desert highway where there are no bathrooms.

I had Bill put Heather on the phone. She backed her drunken lover-boy up, and said I was a “parasite” because I am on SSI. She said Bill was right when he called me “insane” and, if I tried to defend myself from this accusation, it means I am not insane, and do not deserve SSI. It was obvious this pig was listening to others – who were attacking me behind my back – because this greedy pig is too stupid to come up with the shit that pour out of her mouth. My attorney, John Urness, suggested I sue her. She never called me on my sober birthday – or any birthday!

For the reason distant relatives, Murray Oltman, and Daryl Bulkley and her daughter, refused to answer my question about them writing a book about members of my family, then I assume they are, and Heather Hanson is in it. Is  Julie Lynch looking to get her shitload of lies on HBO?

Heather was given 750 Rosamond prints by Stacey Pierrot and Vicki Presco, valued at $337,500 dollars. Why did these evil witches do this? I told this disloyal pig not to jump for joy, because they are worthless, thanks to Garth Benton’s evil slander of Christine and I. ‘When You Close Your Eyes’ is his book, written for the IRS, who was down the Benton’s throat – before Christine was “killed”. Benton throws his ex-wife under the bus, because the law firm of Heisinger, Morris & Buck gave him carte blanche to do what he will. Pierrot was the ‘Caretaker’ of Drew, the minor child that Garth claims is abused.

My Doctor, Miriam Guage, testifies to a probate Judge, that I am disabled due to being raised in alcoholic household, and, my childhood friend committed suicide. This is not good enough for Bill Cornwell, the son of a ex-drill sergeant and T-Party Crazy. For dicking my daughter, he thinks he can invade my privacy and insult and defame me. Flip and Linda Comstock are backing him up. How about drunken uncle Craig, who I never met. I never met Garth, who Christine left a dollar to in her Will, because THE DIVORCE was final. I am being attacked by DRUNKEN DUDES! Garth – drank! Christine was trying to get him to go to AA meetings with her.

Look at what Heather Hanson was supposed to do for me! At the top she was to provide me with clothing and – COMPANIONSHIP! Not once did the Greedy One call me and ask how my forty-five radiation treatments for prostate cancer was going. Scroll down to see the crisis I was in two months ago, and the companion God gave me so I would not be so utterly alone and isolated – by all members of my family – who should never been allowed anywhere near Art Literature.

The drunken parasites are still buzzing in the evil breeze, thus I have to copyright everything!  Here is my registered copyright ‘Notes of a New Nazarite’ that contains ‘Bonds With Angels’ a recovery novel began two years before Christine was “killed” by a rogue wave. Bullshit! She was ISOLATED at Rocky Point. They wanted MONEY! This want of money bid ghost writer, Tom Snyder, and his boss, Stacey Pierrot, to invade my families privacy under the guise of doing a Twelve Step program. Tom and Stacey were not members of AA, nor were they artists. Christine rolls over in her grave at Garth exposing her, stripping her naked in public. She had a restraining order against him.

“In 1989” Garth says, “Christine and I learned from Shannon, who was just back from Mexico, that Christine’s father had raped her, or in some way had been innapropriate with her. And, on hearing that, Christine turned to me with her eyes wide, and said; “Garth, I think he did that to me……’ And, that’s when she started drinking.”

What is it Mr. Sydney Morris, rape, or, something else? I warned you this was coming. This is why I don’t want hostile DRUNKS around my grandson. Flip and Bill tried to get me out of Heather’s life!

Michael Dundon’s brother was married to my sister, Vicki. While he and Christine was staying at Vic’s, he tried to drown himself in Lake Merritt. He then locked himself in my father’s bathroom and swallowed a bottle of aspirin. I got a call to come rescue my friend. A year ago he told me he is positive he was slipped a drug, a Micky Finn, a Date Rape pill. He blacked out. So did Christine who he also believes was sexually abused. I know I was because I got into hypnotherapy two months after I heard of the alleged rape. I am the only one that called the police. I get to reveal these things because I am a REAL VICTIM. Tom and Stacey are not. It is an outrage that they shove me aside, and go after my daughter. Not only do I attend AA meeting, I attended Incest Survivors, and Adult Children of Alcoholics. Alcohol Justice – needs me! I will be sending this blog to Nancy Pelosi, and Gavin Newsom, partners in PlumpJack. Here is the Tale of the Feral Child’. How many of Rosamond fans were mothers, who loved the images of our Children? How many took ‘Garden Child’ off the wall after reading this;

“Drew was growing up as a farel child.” Garth remembers. “Christine would be trying to paint, in spite of the alcohol or her mood, and it was too much for her, of course. So, when Drew was hungry, Christine would just put a plate of food on the floor in Drew’s room, and shut the door.”

During the divorce, Garth and Christine threatened to destroy each other’s reputation. Garth gets the last word. There is no realistic death scene for my sister.  What evil things was Rosamond saying about Drew and Garth? This is why I told my sixteen year old daughter it best they stay away from the monster that Buck, Heisinger, Rose, and Morris, unleashed! The drunken Hansons concluded – there was gobs of money to be had – but I was being the Selfish Daddy, the Deadbeat, father, the Lazy Bum, the Evil Seed!

Sydney Morris KNEW he was giving Garth a podium to air his angst! He knew his divorce attorney, Robin Beare, who convinced my sister and Jacci Belford to forsake their duty as first and second named Executor. They nominated Garth Benton to serve – which was not what Christine wanted! When Judge Silver nixed that, Lawrence Chazen of PlumpJack wine, went for the gusto.  I didn’t get a plate of food thrown on my floor, by my Trustee. She sent two drunken goons after me. Heather wanted to star as Dead Rosamond in Buck, Heisinger, and Morris’ movie.

You don’t get Bill.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017


The importance of anonymity in AA

Traditionally, AA members have always taken care to preserve their anonymity at the “public” level: press, radio, television, and films.

In the early days of AA, when more stigma was attached to the term “alcoholic” than is the case today, this reluctance to be identified – and publicised – was easy to understand.

Nazarite” comes from the Hebrew word נזיר nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated”. This vow required the person to: Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, intoxicating liquors, vinegar made from such substances, and eating or drinking any substance that contains any trace of grapes.


Rosamond Press

My daughter, Heather Hanson, agreed to be my Trustee in May of 2011. As a rule, family members act as a Trustee for no fee, they being reimbursed for expenditures. Because my daughter was a single mother with a six year old son, I wanted my daughter to get paid the highest amount possible, which was $20 dollars an hour. Indeed, I talked with my attorney about giving everything my uncle gave me to my daughter, but, this was not possible if I wanted to keep receiving SS, Medicare, and HUD. Because I had grave concerns for my health, I treated for prostate cancer that may return, a Special Needs Trust was set up for me. Before this happened I was paying for Heather’s cable T.V. I stopped doing this when she became my Trustee. But, because Heather had fallen in love with Bill Cornwell, she did not end her…

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