The New Catholic Church of St. Francis

I was born with the Holy Spirit as was Christine Rosamond Benton, as was my daughter, Heather Hanson. We have been viciously attacked by Darklings who are jealous of our Light and want to own it. They are – finished!

In 1956, my two sisters, and the old woman up the street, were visited by a blue angel that filled our whole neighborhood in a Holy Spirit – that is still there!

This should have been our focus. Outsiders should never have been allowed near Christine’s legacy, nor Garth Benton.

I am going to do a series of religious paintings.


Mary Magdalene Rosamond of Saint Francis


Briar Cliff University is a private, FranciscanRoman Catholicliberal arts university located in Sioux City, IowaUnited States.

In March 1929, Mother Mary Dominica Wieneke, Major Superior of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Dubuque, along with the Most Rev. Edmond Heelan, Bishop of the Sioux City Diocese, co-founded Briar Cliff College after meeting with members of the Sioux City community, who committed to raising $25,000 to support the establishment of a Catholic women’s college in Sioux City. The twelve foundresses of the College were carefully chosen by Mother Dominica. They were led by Sister Mary Servatius Greenen, who was named the first president.[2]

Little Briar Rose“, a folk tale originally recorded by the Brothers Grimm and used as a basis for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Today I was going to launch my attack on the pretencions of Steve Bannon who is a Catholic. What I behld five hours ago, was Jesus on the Cross, do a swandive into the crucible, the flames that were consuming the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was like – slowmotion! Jesus stuck it! I give him a 10, for his warning. “Repent! Or I will remove myself from the hateful picture you make – in my name!”

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