My Kindred Preached God’s Words In Old Saint Paul’s

The Hafners, and their disabled minion, claimed McKenzie Meadows in the name of their End Time Jesus. How dare they title me “Mad” Every dog has their day!

Rosamond Press

Karl, Ben, and I have this common relative in our family tree, William Wilson. I was destined for the church. I founded a church. I am the prophet of my church.

William WilsonDD (1545 – 15 May 1615) was a Canon of Windsorfrom 1584 to 1615[1]and Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedralfrom 1596 to 1615.

I tried to save KORE. I am being ridiculed. They hope I die – soon – before people get fired!

John Presco

Reverend William Wilson, D.D. MP

Wellsbourne, Lincolnshire, England
Death:May 15, 1615 (73)
Windsor, Berkshire, England
Place of Burial:Windsor,Berkshire,England
Immediate Family:Son of William Wilson, of Wellborn and Isabell Helen Wilson
Husband of Ann Wilson and Isabel Alice Wilson
Father of Robert Wilson; Reverend Thomas Wilson; Maria Sheaffe; NN Wilson; Isabel Gibbs and 6 others; Elizabeth Wilson

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