James Bond In La La Land?

I know male Bond fans in Britain are fuming because I am taking away their ‘Big Bling-Bling Boner Seduction Fantasy’. I dropped James in La La Land to see how he fared. Shall I do the same with a Black Bond? When white Brits went for Brexit in order to shut out brown folks, they fell on their cultural swords. They forgot about the British Empire in India, Africa, and Borneo – and us Bohemian Americans – who are into interracial, inner city soul. Your prejudiced Bond – can’t hang! He lost his – BLING THING! I’m going to have Victoria Bond lip-sink this song.


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The home where Elizabeth Taylor lived in the 1950s with then-husband Michael Wilding has hit the market in Beverly Hills. 

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury has confirmed the new listing — the first time in 21 years the property has been up for sale — at 1375 Beverly Estates Dr. for $15.9 million. According to the real estate broker, the couple purchased the 2.01 acre property as their private L.A. retreat in 1954, shortly after it was built in 1953. According to reports, Taylor and Wilding made the decision to buy the property after scaling a fence to check out the grounds. Taylor and Wilding married in 1952 and divorced in 1957.

What if no film company buys my Victoria Bond idea? Well, I got a back up. Just in case folks think I am fixating on Lara Roozemond, even stalking her, I am willing to let her go for…

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