Getting Face-Hugger Off POTUS

US President Donald Trump has warned that his policies will be “violently” overturned if the Democrats win November’s mid-term elections.

He told Evangelical leaders that the vote was a “referendum” on freedom of speech and religion, and that these were threatened by “violent people”.

He appealed to conservative Christian groups for help, saying they were one vote away from “losing everything”.

Mid-term elections are widely seen as a test of the president’s popularity.

The President of the United States has just threatened Non-Evangelicals with violence if Democrats win seats in a fair election. This call to his armed base is twisted around. Giuliani is more to the point, by saying the Evangelical base will resort to violence if Trump is impeached. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! But, now that more people are hearing about the hidden Republican agenda, the question is, what can sane people do about it?  How did we get here? Do sane people have a right to defend themselves in a non-violent manner? Do people you know plot against you – as an organized group?

A year before Trump was elected President, he met with forty religious leaders in Trump Tower. When, and how did these leaders learn Donald was their man? This is key, because it looks like Trump was going to run on the Jesus Ticket – as a long shot! This is to say, Donald knew what his platform was going to be. It was handed to him on a silver platter. He never intended to be his Own Man in the White House. He knew what a perfect front he would own, he able to conduct his shady business behind the cloak of religion. He is the Evangelical Pope.

All forty of these very religious and pious people knew about Trump’s debauched sex life. They dismissed all that. Note the white women and the black men. What do they believe is so important that they are willing to forsake their secular values, and worship a misogynist adulterer, who pretends he has religion? The only answer can be, they want Donald Trump to fulfill Evangelical prophecy. They want to SEE Jesus in their lifetime. This is all they care about. This, is madness! Putin knows all that I reveal. We are in deep trouble! This is not a joke, even though it is – a joke! Those they judge to be Left Behind, are their greatest enemy. They see the LBs a demons who would deny them their Holy Rapture! Meanwhile, here comes China’s fleet!

Let us look at the man who puts his hand on Donald’s face. Who is he? He is a fake Rabbi called Kirt Schneider. He subscribes to Jews for Jesus founded by Ben Rosen (Rose) and Rose Baker. WHAT!!!!

Everyone in the room knows Kirt is not a real Rabbi. Trump does not know, or care. These religious loons do not fact-check each other and a Holy Courtesy. This is why we have no Government and State Department. This is why these End Time Loons are going after the Justice Department, and Jeff Sessions, because he quit being a Prayer Player.

What Kirt tells Trump as he lay the Face-hugger on him, that there are just two nations that have a relationship with God, the United States – and Israel! POTUS believes this. This is why he snubs the European Union, Canada, and Mexico. Kirt if America’s Rasputin. It’s going to take several posts to remove the Face-Hugger in writing. This does not mean anyone is going to read these posts, or, do anything.

Below is the definition of a Nazarite. How I became a Nazarite, is interesting. I did not go shopping in the Holy Store, and pick Nazarite Prophet off the shelf, so, people will follow me, love me, and worship me.

Let’s start fact-checking. The Philippines and Puerto Rico are Christian Nations who have a relationship with God. They are predominantly Catholic. Does Kirt and other Evangelicals consider Catholics Christians? No! The word “personal savior” is key! Most evangelicals believe they have a Big Brother Sky God at their disposal that will defend them personally from non-believers. This is a new teaching that is placing a Face-hugger on millions of ignorant people who want – POWER OVER OTHERS! Trump wants power over others. Thirty million evangelicals that make up Trump’s base, want their man to have power over others – and any cost!

There are thirty million Jews in Israel and most do not have a relationship with God.

“Many Protestants do not use the term Christian in this way. Different denominations have different criteria for determining who is a Christian—e.g., Christians are those who have “accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior” or those who profess to be saved “by faith alone.” Since Catholics don’t generally use this language, they classify Catholics as non-Christians (though many are willing to concede that some Catholics are Christians even though they don’t use this language).”

Rosen was born in Kansas City, Missouri,[2] the son of Ben Rosen and Rose Baker. He was raised in Denver, Colorado. According to Rosen, his mother’s parents were “Reform Jews from Austria” and his paternal grandfather was an Orthodox Jew. Although his father regularly attended an Orthodox synagogue,[3] Rosen describes him as irreligious and viewing religion as a “racket”.[4]

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump met and prayed with about 40 religious leaders and pastors in his Trump Tower office Monday afternoon.

Among the attendees were televangelist Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, conservative evangelical Christian Pastor David Jeremiah, TBN religious broadcaster Jan Crouch, Pastor Paula White, Jews For Jesus Rabbi Kirt Schneider and Pastor Darrell Scott.

The meeting lasted roughly two and a half hours and ended with pastors gathering around Trump and laying their hands on him in prayer. Kenneth Copeland, Paula White, and Rabbi Schneider prayed during that time, asking the Lord to give the GOP presidential frontrunner wisdom, stability and knowledge necessary to pursue this endeavor. They also prayed for America and for God’s will to be done.

During the meeting, he talked about his Christian faith. At one point he admitted that he may not have read the Bible as much as the pastors in the room. As the conversation continued, a few of the ministers implored Trump to tone done some of his harsh rhetoric.

Pastor Scott, who was present in the meeting and is neutral in this presidential race, said Trump humbly received the message by nodding his head, listening attentively and not being combative at all.

“He has a very high regard and a very deep respect for men and woman of the cloth,” Scott tells The Brody File.

As for additional subject matter, Trump told the religious leaders and pastors that he will be a strong supporter of Israel and that defeating ISIS would be a strong part of his agenda. He also discussed trade, balancing the budget, eliminating the deficit and tax reform.

As for faith issues, he talked about how religious liberty and Christianity is under attack in America and that there is a lot of religious intolerance for Christianity in today’s society.

The subject of race relations also came up when some of the African-American pastors in the room mentioned that there seems to be some detachment between him and the black community. While citing some polls to the contrary, Scott told The Brody File that Trump agreed with the overall assessment and would try to do a better job.

Scott believes the GOP presidential frontrunner made headway during the meeting.

“I think Donald Trump changed the opinions of the African-American pastors that were in the room. They saw a side of him outside of the media depiction, and that they would give strong consideration in regards to supporting his candidacy.”

The CIA World Factbook reports that 85% of the population of Puerto Rico is Roman Catholic, with the remaining 15% divided among Protestantism, Islam, and Judaism. Some people put the Catholic percentage at 70% or more. Approximately 3,400,000 Puerto Ricans practice Catholicism.

In 2010 a report released by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics showed that 8% of Israel’s Jewish population defines itself as ultra-Orthodox, 12% as Orthodox, 13% as traditional-religious, 25% as traditional, and 42% as secular, on a descending scale of religiosity.

The Philippines proudly boasts to be the only Christian nation in Asia. More than 86 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 6 percent belong to various nationalized Christian cults, and another 2 percent belong to well over 100 Protestant denominations. In addition to the Christian majority, there is a vigorous 4 percent Muslim minority, concentrated on the southern islands of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan. Scattered in isolated mountainous regions, the remaining 2 percent follow non-Western, indigenous beliefs and practices. The Chinese minority, although statistically insignificant, has been culturally influential in coloring Filipino Catholicism with many of the beliefs and practices of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.


Nazarite [N] [H] [S]

(Heb. form Nazirite), the name of such Israelites as took on them the vow prescribed in Numbers 6:2-21 . The word denotes generally one who is separated from others and consecrated to God. Although there is no mention of any Nazarite before Samson, yet it is evident that they existed before the time of Moses. The vow of a Nazarite involved these three things, (1) abstinence from wine and strong drink, (2) refraining from cutting the hair off the head during the whole period of the continuance of the vow, and (3) the avoidance of contact with the dead.

When the period of the continuance of the vow came to an end, the Nazarite had to present himself at the door of the sanctuary with (1) a he lamb of the first year for a burnt-offering, (2) a ewe lamb of the first year for a sin-offering, and (3) a ram for a peace-offering. After these sacrifices were offered by the priest, the Nazarite cut off his hair at the door and threw it into the fire under the peace-offering.

For some reason, probably in the midst of his work at Corinth, Paul took on himself the Nazarite vow. This could only be terminated by his going up to Jerusalem to offer up the hair which till then was to be left uncut. But it seems to have been allowable for persons at a distance to cut the hair, which was to be brought up to Jerusalem, where the ceremony was completed. This Paul did at Cenchrea just before setting out on his voyage into Syria ( Acts 18:18 ).

On another occasion ( Acts 21:23-26 ), at the feast of Pentecost, Paul took on himself again the Nazarite vow. “The ceremonies involved took a longer time than Paul had at his disposal, but the law permitted a man to share the vow if he could find companions who had gone through the prescribed ceremonies, and who permitted him to join their company. This permission was commonly granted if the new comer paid all the fees required from the whole company (fee to the Levite for cutting the hair and fees for sacrifices), and finished the vow along with the others. Four Jewish Christians were performing the vow, and would admit Paul to their company, provided he paid their expenses. Paul consented, paid the charges, and when the last seven days of the vow began he went with them to live in the temple, giving the usual notice to the priests that he had joined in regular fashion, was a sharer with the four men, and that his vow would end with theirs. Nazarites retired to the temple during the last period of seven days, because they could be secure there against any accidental defilement” (Lindsay’s Acts).

As to the duration of a Nazarite’s vow, every one was left at liberty to fix his own time. There is mention made in Scripture of only three who were Nazarites for life, Samson, Samuel, and John the Baptist ( Judges 13:4 Judges 13:5 ; 1 Samuel 1:11 ; Luke 1:15 ). In its ordinary form, however, the Nazarite’s vow lasted only thirty, and at most one hundred, days. (See RECHABITES .)

This institution was a symbol of a life devoted to God and separated from all sin, a holy life.

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