Creation Dawn

Here are pieces of Creation Dawn that was accompanied by the music of Henry Cowell. I would like to hear Henry’s music in my movie, as I, the embodiment of James Bond put on my Kabuki makeup. I am The Honorable Hatchet Man who plays the piano with a hatchet.

John Presco 007

This, my soul-incense, I perfume
before the altar of divine ego.


Portrait-bust of Takeshi Kanno V)v C^ertrude Boyle Kanno,

Thou my figure, — dimmed shadowy ruined castle!

Within thy ghostly vault incalculable echo of death

Howling as monstrous sea;

Without, the castle shadows float in dragonish mists:

Eternal tempest of longing ocean roaring.

But what a sweet, wild si^ht! Ivook there, there!

Nameless, deathless, beauteous flower clinging

To wounded breast of thy soul-ruined castle.

Where floating the bravest battle-shadow

Of thy past life now?

Even though thy strong castle-hold funerals

Into the unknown silent domain by the eternal hand of time

Yet, ah, here! here! thou, my nameless flower,

Remain like everlasting reluctant dream!

Ah, my figure, — shadowy castle, melts into thee,

Thou everlasting memorial flower!

“Born from my mother’s heart, in the midst of

Fragrant bloom of native nest,
Where the shadow of pine danced in the tv/ilight of

Ruined castle encircled by the wild-flower valley;
Born to this world like rivulet that runs from deep

Bosom of mother valley,
Where the spring lo\e-bream melts the divine white
Snow from the breast of father Fujiyama.”

!« !9! i«> nm m fSi

Thus he came, this singer of the Orient, and
with a nature that could not bind itself to any one
phase of truth or racial conception, strongly individ-
ual, at the same time universal in spirit, an advocate
of harmonism, of “everything different therefore one,
— conscious independence, unconscious unity.”

This song-philosopher from earliest childhood
imbibed the rare nectar of the Chinese and Japanese
classics, beginning at the age of five to chant the clas-
sics to his grandparent, a man of literary worth, at
first for sembi (rice cake), later for the delight in the
classics themselves. Until his thirteenth year his
training was purely oriental, mainly Spartan or Bushi-
do (the way of the knight) — having sprung from the

Samurai (the knighthood of Japan). From then on
his education became equally western and eastern.

During his college life he spent much time in
the study of literature and philosophy, specializing in
his theological course on the higher criticisms of
Christianity; striving to explain Christian philosophy
by modern science and ethics; ever drawing compar-
isons, discovering similarities and differences in the
teachings of Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Brahma, and
others; delighting in the symbolism and strength of
Hebrew literature; revelling in the mythology of the
Greeks, drinking deep of its sparkling beauty, — as
he had quaffed in early youth the saki of his race’s

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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