I Mentioned The Roza Mira

I posted this six days ago, before the Pope’s stage was erected in Dublin.

Rosamond Press

I began posting in the search for Bond Women. I found several Russians including Yulia Rose. I wondered if I had stumbled on the remnants of the Roza Mira center that took the life of Ruslana. Barbel (Chas Cunningham) was sent for. He didn’t like Lara Roozemond’s poem, and the compliment that was paid me for discovering Yulia Rose was the true identity the Russian who plays Victoria Bond’s Bodyguard, even when she insists she does not need one, because she has a Guardian Angel. Bond’s Guardian Angel was molested by Chas Cunningham, who looks like a defrocked priest – who wear brown shirts?

“Liz and Ian died not knowing they were going to part of a Dynasty – that I put together!”

This is what I wrote days before I discovered John Dee invented 007 perhaps while living with the Rosebergs a name that means ‘Rose Mountain’. The…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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