Rosemondt and Erasmus

My rosy kindred owned the Renaissance! Surely James Bond would want to spark a New Renaissance after defeating the enemy. What is missing in the latest Bond movie, is MOTIVE! Who owns the best motive.

John Presco 007

I beseech the Czech Republic to get behind the Shembe Zulu Nazarites. God’s true prophets are here! I will bring the sword!

Above are my people. I descend from Peter wok von Rosenberg who were good friends of John Dee. I have claimed Krumlov Castle.

John 007

Go back to the past and meet valiant knights and gracious noblewomen!

Every year in June, the fabulous city of Český Krumlov is transported for three days back to the Renaissance period and the rule of the last Rožmberks. The streets and squares are filled with the roar of knightly tournaments, historical crafts fairs, banquets and medieval music. The highlight of the festival is a spectacular procession in historical costumes, featuring knights on horseback and particularly many notables linked to the history of the city. Popular is the jousting tournament, recalling the past legend about cutting roses, live chess pieces on a giant chess board, festive fireworks over the city, and games of the period for children and adults.

In 1556, we meet Hájek as a renowned physician accompanying Wilhelm von Rosenberg during his war campaign to Hungary. Among other things, Hájek was an excellent botanist and was very helpful during the arrangement of the Rosenberg gardens in Prague, Český Krumlov and Kratochvíle. Hájek’s book “A Treatise of Comet and Celestial Signs”, dating from 1580 and dedicated to both the brothers – Wilhelm and Peter Wok von Rosenberg – became well known. Because of his wide natural historical knowledge and honesty, Hájek was in demand for evaluating would-be court alchemists.

Rosamond Press

My ancestor a good friend of a Pope, and he was a friend of the Great Erasmus – whom he defended! Pope Adrien’s papal papers were probably thrown out in the trash by the Medici, along with Gottschalk’s papers? They were at the cusp of the Reformation and, and the center of Dutch Renaissance. Note the wallpaper behind Erasmus, that is like the work of Kehinde Wily, that took me to the very feet of Erasmus and his Habsburg backer – unknowingly!

Members of the Rosemont family were interred in the Minderbroedersklooster that was founded by the Franciscan Monks. Above are my Wieneke kindred who were members of the Order of Saint Francis. This is the real Rose Line. I was destined for the Church.

I am convinced Lara Roozemont and her family are kin to me and Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

Renaissance Castle

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