Red House

I have a back-up script for a movie are series, titled ‘Red House’. My stars will resemble Victoria Bond and Miriam Starfish.


Chilli Nikki, a Russian tennis shoes manufacturer, is concerned that Phil Knight will put him out of business. Taking advantage of the trade war, Chilli makes a deal with a EPA official to bring a crack all woman’s track team to Eugene Oregon, get them enrolled at the University of Oregon, where they will found their own sorority that will soon be nicknamed ‘Red House’.

Alas, heads will be turned as a squad of tall Nordic Rus are seen jogging around town in Nikki shoes. They get on the news almost every day. They are adored. They are the epidemy of clean wholesome fun. Nikki becomes a household word in the Emerald Valley. If you are under twenty-four, you got on a pair of Nikki shoes. What could go wrong?

Kwiang’o Nattitude is a very radical black women who is the head of Black Lives Matter who chokes when she sees these bouncing white beauties jog past her. She is on the track team, and has heard they were coming. She wants in to their sorority. She gets a lawyer. I want Lupita Nyongo’o to play Ms. Nattitude.

Convicteo del Rio a Marxist anarchist radical woman who chooses to live on the street with her homeless Warrior Women. This ex-Miss Oregon wants in Red House, even though she will only spend the weekends there. She misses the great parties she used to attend until she became Saint Kesey of the Square. Conny’s majors in Political Science and is expect to win the Woman’s Javelin at the Olympics. She lawyers up.

The Aryan Saints of Christ are a biker club that volunteers to be the bodyguard for Alpha Sigma Alpha after they are molested by the infamous panhandler, Ambrosius Stormdrain Heatho-Fink. All he wanted was a cigarette, a can of beer, his library fine paid, a ticket to go see his mother in Portland, and, $200 dollars to get his dog out of the kennel.

‘We aren’t Communists. We believe in the free enterprise system.”

I want $2,000,000 dollars for the Brand Name ‘Chilli Nikkis’

John Presco

Copyright 2018


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I have a knack for this. I post something proposterous, and, Donald turmps me. The will be another Red House full of Red Chinese Spies, Alpha Beta Cappa. “President Trump characterized the vast majority of Chinese students in the U.S. as spies during a dinner Tuesday night with CEOs at his private golf club in New Jersey, according to a report in Politico.
    According to the report, which quoted an unnamed attendee:
    At one point during the dinner, Trump noted of an unnamed country that the attendee said was clearly China, “almost every student that comes over to this country is a spy.”
    The White House declined Politico’s request for comment. An account of the dinner from CNN is much more mild, noting that during the dinner “Trump expressed concern that some foreign students were acting as foreign agents, particularly from China, according to one of the attendees.”
    There are more than 350,000 Chinese students studying at U.S. universities — the largest group of international students by far — and Chinese students earned about 10 percent of all doctorates awarded by American universities in 2016.
    “Generations of foreign policy leaders agree that international students and scholars are one of America’s greatest foreign policy assets,” Jill Welch, NAFSA’s deputy executive director for public policy, said in a statement about what the president reportedly said. “Blanket generalizations about students from any country will undoubtedly make international students think twice before choosing the United States as their destination. If students, particularly from strategic regions around the world, no longer come here, America will lose the ability to build relationships with future leaders abroad and strengthen our own national security.”
    “Chinese students contribute $12 billion to the U.S. economy, alongside countless other benefits, so even a modest reduction in Chinese enrollment would be devastating, and virtually every community in America would feel the impact if Chinese students decided not to study in the United States,” Welch added. “To make America more secure and welcoming to international students and scholars the president must avoid unwelcoming rhetoric and policies. We are already in a global competition for talent, and students around the world pay close attention to the policies and rhetoric emanating from the White House. In order to avoid a further chilling effect in the United States, it is incumbent upon policy leaders to act boldly and decisively to let students know that they are welcome here and that we value their contributions.”
    This is not the first time in recent months concerns have been raised about rhetoric or policies that would broadly tar Chinese students as potential spies, as conversations about economic espionage and efforts by foreign adversaries to take advantage of the openness of academia to gain information of commercial or military value have taken on new urgency in Washington.
    The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Christopher Wray, told a Senate panel in February that academe is naïve about the counterintelligence threats posed by Chinese students and scholars and that the “China threat” is “a whole-of-society threat on their end” that’s “going to take a whole-of-society response.”
    In May, the Associated Press reported that a new policy going into effect June 11 would limit Chinese graduate students in certain high-tech fields to one-year visas — instead of the usual five — due to concerns about intellectual property theft. A State Department official subsequently confirmed the broad outlines of the visa changes at a June Senate subcommittee hearing titled “Student Visa Integrity: Protecting Educational Opportunity and National Security.” The hearing’s name was changed; it originally bore the title “A Thousand Talents: China’s Campaign to Infiltrate and Exploit U.S. Academia.”

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