Trump Shown Proof Putin Ordered Attacks

MSNBC is quoting from a New York Times article that says Trump was shown proof Putin ordered the Cyber-Attacks against the Democrats, by high ranking members of our Intelligence community. This article has yet to appear on the Net. It was shown to our President Elect on November 6, 2017 fourteen days before he swore on the Bible to protect ALL the People of the United States!

The question is, did he tell Putin what he was shown – and when? This is key, because Putin offered to help our Justice System HUNT DOWN the culprits. Indeed, Russia suggested Trump help hand over McFaul so he can be jailed, questioned, tried, and put in prison. At the news conference our President said this is an incredible idea. Putin’s offer is offered up an evidence Russia could not have been involved in the cyber-attacks……..”Why would it be Russia?”

Did Trump confront Putin in private? Did he try to leverage this information. Did Putin know Trump knew? Was Putin relieved when he saw Trump was lying to ALL the people? If so, they were both Bad Boys. They both had something on each other. If the Democrats find out, they will hurt Bad Boys. Instead of the Bad Boys driving over a cliff, they decided to meet in Helsinki and make a pact only Bad Boys – would make! The BIG BAD QUESTION is, how many elected Republicans knew this Bad Game was being played – and agreed not to let ALL the people know?

The established news is so close to finding what I found. Trump, and Putin have gone on the offence, believing this is the best defense. Hillary’s servers are mentioned by both leaders. Trump is agreeing there are criminals in the U.S. that need to be brought to justice, and, to our President, it does not matter in what court of law! This is TREASON! How can any Christian support him – now! Look at wat Melania has in her hand! He couldn’t stand the idea Putin helped him be a Big Winner! Instead, he attacked the Democrats and their Candidate! At almost every rally after his election, Trump led the chant…….”Lock her up!”

This is Accessory after the Fact. This is the greatest betrayal of our Democracy – by any elected leader! He exonerates Putin – in public – knowing he is guilty! He was told about the indictment of the 12 Russian officers a day before the private meeting. Democrats are demanding the interpreter be questioned. The Republicans are blocking this demand.

Please, write you Congressman and Senator, and demand We the People are filled in on what went on behind closed doors! These two evil leaders have driven their nation over a cliff. It is time for the Free World to rise up – and get rid of both of them!


Lock them up! Lock them up!

John Presco


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    Trump……….The Anti-Truth! Thirty million evangelicals say they believe in the Truth and the Light! They lie!

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