Call For Emergency Presidential Election

Tomorrow I will be composing a letter to Congressman Peter DeFazio and Eric Swalwell.

I will make an eloquent plea for a Presidential Contest be added to our midterm elections. I will make a case that both Putin and Trump be arrested under the terms Putin quoted – at great length – at their Helsinki news conference. The other possibility, is, that both men resign. Trump is unfit to run for office. I suggest Mike Pence be the Republican Candidate, and Eric Swalwell be the Democrat Candidate. The winner will serve two years.

John Presco

Our Fake President, Donald Trump, found Putin innocent behind closed doors. He held a Fake Trial and found them bother innocent. Did Jesus come into that room and fill it with light? The President betrayed his country, and the Intelligence Community.  He then says it is a great idea that our Justice System move to Moscow and allow Putin to hold a Fake Investigation with is Men of Justice who get to see all our classified material, and, how were detected The Twelve Army Officers attacking a hundred million Real and Registered Democrats.  I believe the Democrat should nominate an early candidate for President and treat him as if he is THEIR President. There will be a vote, and news conferences. How about a tour of Europe and a hardy hello to NATO? A fresh meeting with the Queen would be nice. Mike Pence is out of his mind, too! Best ignore them both. Best we turn our backs on a Real Traitor, and pretend he is not there. He is…….A Man Without A Country! This is what you get when you surround yourself with Fake Prophets! I warned you!

The Fake Republicans knew the truth, because Eric was showing them the truth. They wanted to hide the truth, and, they went after the Democratic Truth Seekers. They were going to impeach Rosenstein. They held a Fake Trail of FBI leader who they accused of trying to use the FBI of derail Trump’s bid to be President. What a hero, if he had succeeded!  Eric made this video March 8, 2017 – over a year ago!

John Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I am trying to find out who were the last candidates from California. We know John Fremont ran for President.

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