The Last Muse

I feel the end of my muse movie coming to an end.

Rosamond Press


Capturing Beauty


Jon Presco

Chapter One

‘The Last Muse’

Copyright 2014

“I ran away from her, Marilyn, before I took her to dinner and lay all this Rosamond crap on her, and set the hook. It was perfect. Our meeting and our departing. Alas, after all these years, I have the end of my book. There is nothing more to add. I hope she doesn’t call.”

“Why? Maybe something good will come of it. Give her a chance.” Marilyn said in her sing-song voice, because she is a sucker for a love story.

“Nothing good will come from it. I will be in hell. It’s all your fault. You made me love you, and all womankind. She is twenty-three! I’m an old man! She seems so innocent. I will corrupt her! Go look at the video I made. She looks like a young, you. She’s got your mole on…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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