Terror Rose

When Miriam Starfish Rose was fifteen, she was told by her peers she looked like a creature. She was tall and skinny, and very awkward. One cruel classmate said she looked like Gollum’s daughter. Bootleg copies of The Lord of the Rings found their way past customs. So did videos of David Bowie. David – freed her mind from the vortex.

At an important chess tournament, Miriam made her grand entrance. The new her was out of the box. All heads were turned as she walked un-steadily on her six inch black heals. She wore tight metallic blue pants. For a bra (she did not have a need for one) she wore two scallop shells on a fake gold chain. She glued on long fake fingernails that wee the color of her eyes, and frosted with sparkles. What really freaked her male opponent out – who could barely look into her eyes – were the pulsing lights she put behind her ears that allowed him to see the veins in them. They throbbed and glowed with a supernatural power. After losing his match, badly, her opponent swore he saw fangs.

to be continued

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I have conjured up, or, psychically detected, the presenc of a female Russian Spy, who cliams she was raised by her father in the woods. I suspect this tale was influenced by the movie ‘Hannah’ as is my fictional character, Miriam Starfish Rose. I want to author a book about Maria Butina, and a movie script. She is – mine! I saw her first, thru the eye of the Roza Mira. I can see other Russian agents. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u73CLdHpbNk

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