Prince of Kent and Gordon Getty

I have found another actress for my Bond revival.

Rosamond Press

The Prince off Kent and Gordon Getty have been playing with the Russians. Princess of Kent has been rude to black people, if not being an outright racist. These players are being held in check by the media, but Trump has taken the shame out of that. We common people, and these royals need to found a Guild or two that sets a higher standard – for the people! All the people! Putin wants to bring back the Czar and Russian Royalty with coats of arms. I saw two black people in the Basle parade, and was startled to see about thirty blue-eyed, blond haired beauties dressed in innocent plaid. Gordon is kin to Ian Flemming who might be directing his show – from on high – after getting a clearer view of things. I have received a divine hint he offers his valence to my muse – My Wing…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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