The Infancy Gospel of Thomas

I have found the Rosa of Tom.

II. 1 This little child Jesus when he was five years old was playing at the ford of a brook: and he gathered together the waters that flowed there into pools, and made them straightway clean, and commanded them by his word alone. 2 And having made soft clay, he fashioned thereof twelve sparrows. And it was the Sabbath when he did these things (or made them). And there were also many other little children playing with him.

Rosamond Press

My discovery (alone) that John the Baptist spoke and wrote his name when he was eight days old, will make me the foremost theologian in history. The New Testament and the Koran got it wrong! Did John prepare the way for other infants that spoke days after they were born? Were the Sons of God being born unto a New Heaven and Earth?

“Quranic Parallels With The Infancy Gospels

One parallel story between an Infancy Gospel and the Qur’an is found in the Arabic Gospel Of The Infancy Of The Savior and Surah 19:29-34, where the story of Jesus speaking as a baby in the cradle in narrated.”

Jon the Nazarite

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Infancy Gospel of Thomas

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Not to be confused with Gospel of Thomas.

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