Confederate Sons of the Beast in Mexico

Confederate Trauitors ran and hid in Mexico.

Rosamond Press

John Fremont and the Radical Republicans (who were forty-eighters) wanted the Confederate Traitors to take the Iron Clad Oath because they were still conspiring with with royal rulers who hate democracy.

Here is a video that bid present day parasites of The Beast to whine and wail over their loss to the Radical Aboltionist Republican Party co-founded by my kindred, John Fremont. I suspect Lincoln and Blair supressed Fremont’s zeal to drive out the Beast, send it back to Europe, lest America be forever at war with the royal houses. Sending our troops to die in WW1 was a big mistake because it was a war between royal kindred wearing many crowns – they all close kin to the Emperor and Empress of Mexico. We should have drafted the grandsons of Confederate Traitors – only – and sent them to fight for their beloved royalty.

Jon Presco

In April 1866…

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