Weyrich Says Jews Murdered Jesus

The anti-abortion movement is a Republican fraud. It is a perfect invention. They get to take the moral high ground, abolish Civil Rights – without spending a dime. There is no solution for women wanting, and gettting an abortion. There never was, and never will be. But, it packed the Supreme Court with Conservatives, because, Christian Women are the dumbest creatures that ever walked the earth.

Rosamond Press

“Last week, Paul Weyrich, head of the conservative Free Congress Foundation, circulated an Easter commentary stating in part that “Christ was crucified by the Jews.” Weyrich said the Jews wanted a “temporal ruler” to save them from the Roman authorities but instead were confronted with a “spiritual ruler,” whom they “considered … a threat.” For that reason, Weyrich concluded, Jesus “was put to death.”

A “spiritual ruler”? of whom, the Gentiles? Everything Jesus says is applicable to the teaching of the Jews. Why would Gentiles understand his parables? Did they read the Torah since childhood, and thus understood what passages Jesus was referring to?


The problem with Weyrich’s accusation, is that most Christians believe the GOD OF THE JEWS arranged Jesus’ death for the salvation of Gentiles – ONLY! Does not compute! This is why the Moral Majority abandoned Jesus on the cross, and took up an aborted fetus…

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