The Anti-Abortion Hegemony

Christian women in the U.S. and Russia, have taken over the western world. You have to use your mind, not your faith.

Rosamond Press

America’s Voters are halved. Our Democracy was split in twain by the issue of Slavery. The Civil War has been rehashed, like a monster, in regards to the FAKE ABORTION ISSUE that was invented by Paul Weyrich to counter the Civil Rights Movement, thus, giving birth to the extreme Christian-right, and the election of Donald Trump, who took a stance against abortion. This was enough to get the SWING VOTES of white men, who wanted to be seen as being moral. Liberal men and women did not go and vote. Many smoked high levels of THC, or, went for Black Identity. They lost track of the SWING VOTES. Who would vote for a Immoral White Woman?

Conservative evangelical leaders began encouraging THEIR FLOCKS to quit the Democratic Party, and vote the Republican ticket. They pointed to Democrats as being baby-killers of Satan. Tens of millions of American gleefully enjoyed seeing…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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