Hollis Lee Williams Memorial Fund

I wanted to set up a Funeral Fund for the homeless a year before I met Belle. I adopted Hollis throught the Elk’s society and paid for his funeral, because the Army wanted to put this word on his preminent record……….”INDIGENT”. My attorney told me to close this accout because I was about to lose my SSI due to having two vehicles. I had so much on my plate. I wanted Belle to help me. Why didn’t she offer to help me? At the time we met, a un-named person was going to give a un-named homeless advocate group $200,000 dollars in order to buy land for the homeless. SLEEPS people wanted that money. MOTIVE?

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scan0016Yesterday I talked to Aura at Safeway Headquarters in California about establishing a non-profit charity around my late friend, William Lee Hollis, who passed away in his sleep on March 8, 2012. She asked me to send her an e-mail. I did so after founding a Hollis Lee William Community on Facebook.

On March 11th. after Tom Adams of KVAL asked me if there was going to be a Hollis Williams Fund to pay for funeral costs, I established the Hollis Lee Williams memorial, to pay for my dear friends funeral. After serving his country in the military, I did not want this unfamilied and homeless Vet declared an indigent and buried at the expense of the United States Government – even though he had just gotten on SSI, and a home through HUD-VASH. Hollis had a large extended family that loved him, and took care of him in so…

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