Rena and Kirstjen

To watch the sneering twisted mouth of a modern day Nazi, was chilling. Hollywood could not have produced a more evil and racist person as Kirstjen Nielsen, who knew her president was doing a squeeze play with innocent children in order to get his wall built, after being embarassed by the president of Mexico, and many other nations. This is The New Hitler, who can never be wrong. Trumphuck goes for the weakest targets, children! This monster could not hide the inner white woman, and the way she talks to her white friends – all the time. It came through, the way THEY think when they are safe in their all white neighborhoods and self-righteous churches. This is a White Racist Society Bitch -Witch, who was hatched out the anus of this guy…….

Rosamond Press

I am one of the few people in the world who now own The Right Stuff to wage cyber warfare on the Cyber Bully, President Trump. Trough the risen spirit of Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, as Cleopatra Rosemond Bond, I can destroy the Trump-Putin machine. I summon the Daughter of Ra to dispatch the enemies of the Constitution!

I am offering to do painting from Rena Easton’s photographs when she was young. I am looking for a new Dutch Model to play Cleo.

Jon Presco

President Trump began berating Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the Oval Office earlier this spring, according to administration officials, griping about her performance and blaming her for a surge in illegal border crossings. 

Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, who installed her in the job, jumped in to defend her.

The two men then sparred over Nielsen as she silently watched. At one…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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