The Return of James Bond Album

Lara Roozemond’s poems put me in a trance. I used to go into trance and write poems in High School. I found a yearbook for University High School with photos of Christine, Raphael, and Melinda inside. I am reluctant to publishe them lest they get stolen by people who are hostile to me. It is I who am being stalked. I have proof of this. So, I am going to go wherever Lara’s poems – take me! That’s the deal! That’s the puropus.

Rosamond Press

I found this on Katherine Wilson’s facebook this morning. I am intrigued by these numbers on the body of the beautiful woman, that could be Lara. I missed the Animal House movie because I got into writing my play ‘The Oaks Motel’ which I love. Could be a HBO series. I’ll get David Lynch to direct. He loves signs and streets like MacArthur Blvd……where poets go to learn their craft.

It’s all here….the tug boat on the Thames, the river eels, the crucified Victoria Bond. Fleming’s muse has got a hold on me! Numbers on her knees, a S on her nose.  The clues keep on coming! No.50……bicentennial? All this news from Zion!…….with Love!

I hope you are studying for your role, Lara. Put a bikini on, and this music. Are your really a modern dancer? Make a video – and prove it!

Oh god yes! Paint numbers on yourself to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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