Why I am a Candidate For Messiah

Posted this in 2011. Who dreamed an American would be titled Messiah – after he became president?

Rosamond Press

When Dottie Witherspoon and I went to South Carolina to visit her kinfolk, we went to Meher Baba’s sanctuary in Myrtle Beach. Kittie Daives greeted us, and after receiving Dotties name, she exclaimed;

“Oh! You are adescendant of John Witherspoon (the Signer) and John Knox!”

I did not know at the time that my Rosamond kinfolk had lived in South Carolina, and fought under Francis Marion in the Revolutionary War. I met about ten members of the Witherspoon family who came to see Dottie’s handsom Hippie boyfriend.

The Sephardic Jewish leader, Francis Salvador, founded Reform Judaism in Charleston with the backing of the da Costa family, who co-founded Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Francis declared the return to Zion – AT AN END! Is this why there exists a prejudice from Zionist Jews, who will not send their children to the same school where Sephardic children are being taught? There are allegations…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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