New York Times on Evangelical Cabal

Posted this five years ago.

Rosamond Press

ConfederateFlagPatriotPastorsI saw this coming in 1990 when evangelicals took over Lowell, a small town her in Oregon. 60 Minutes did a segment which I have not been able to find. Their cosmology asks for much destruction and the death a billion people or more. They want the safety-net removed to this end.

In this blog you will find many posts where I giving warnings Christine-X is out to destroy the Democrats and Secular Government. I had 143 visitors yesterday who read over three blogs on the average. unfortunately some of my Liberal friends did not take me seriously. One of them, went over to the dark side believing these wing-nuts are empowering Israel and the Jews. Members of my family also subscribe.

Jon Presco

Yesterday, The New York Times revealed in great detail how the Conservative Action Project has orchestrated the current showdown.

“This blog has taken the position on…

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