Godfrey de Bouillon Bogart and Rosemont

The Templars are at home in Holland.

Rosamond Press

When I entered Christine’s home for the first time, Vicki and I sat in the living room. I asked about the large mural over the fireplace. Vicki got up and gave me a laminated piece of paper containing the history of this work depicting Godfrey de Bouillon entered Jerusalem. Godfrey has a foot on a dead Saracen. I had seen this work in the book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ a couple of months earlier. Vicki told me when our sister gave a tour of her home, she stopped before this work, and declared;

“And, this is my mad brother!”



If I had signed the agreement Tom Snyder sent me, I would not have been able to author anything about my late sister, thus, connect her to Godfrey and the Cuycks, who are a famous Dutch family, and thus, was a great interest to Henry Brevoort.


Hendrik ROELOF…

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