There are no Sea Leprechauns in the rival Bond movie – yet!

Rosamond Press

The Royal Janitor


Jon Presco

Elizabeth Hurley would make a great Bond. She has flirted with this role for quite awhile. She would jump at the chance to save the world from Czar Von Trumpster – for Queen and Country! No need to hold anything back, or worry about the box office receipts. We will have a famous porn star be Lady Bond’s receptionist, who is under so many NDA’s, it’s near impossible to get an answer out of her.

“Who called?………Sounds like……….? Rex Van Winklesworth called. What did that old curmudgeon want?……….Sounds like……..?

Serena has a young understudy named, Miriam Madeline Christmont, whose parents were back-to-the earth Aryan Jesus Freaks who die in a trailer when the butane tank blows. Miriam is saved when she was lured into her boyfriend’s van to make love for the first time. She will do all the action.

“She’s my virginal bodyguard…

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