Paris Jackson Following On Rose Path

<p>Paris Jackson Lead</p>
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images



“I turned 20 exactly a week ago, and over the past few years, I’ve been unapologetically navigating self-creation, fostering authenticity, and working on my passion for activism,” she wrote, explaining that she was recently named an ambassador for Taylor’s foundation. “I’m trying to use my celebrity as a platform to illuminate a social issue that has faded from the spotlight: the spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.”

I am mystified as to why Lara Roozemond does not want to be associated with me. Did Belle Burch convince Lara that I am deluded and dangerous – and am not kin to Liz Taylor? I think I’m going to take Ballsy Belle to small claims court, and, drop another dime on her Wiccan Master, Alley ‘The Valkyrie Witch’.  Then, I’m going to look at the arrest and court records of the Anarchist She-devils to see if they were ordered to refrain from taking over the downtown and harassing people.

Poor little Belle. Here are her best anarchist buddies going after a female reporter who is my FB friend. That’s poor little Angie wearing a fashionable barrel. Perhaps Lara can work this into the Dutch fashion world?  Paris Jackson, eat your heart out. These babes got acting-out down to an art form.

Here’s Poor Angie against, stripping down to her Pittywear in order to get The Suckers to feel sorry for her, and, give her more money and rights. Alley wants the male cops to lay their filthy hands on the Poor Lesbian – and her lover! This shit is good for Lara Roozemond’s portfolio.





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