A Husband And Father

In the last twelve hours I was able to gain access to my daughter’s facebook. Heather Hanson had posed herself, her mother, and other people to replicate one of Christine’s paintings. Heather says my late sister was a great lady. My cousin, Dayrl Bulkley said this was her favorite painting, and wished she owned it. Under a beautiful photo of my daughter, Dayrl says; “I wish my mother was alive so she could do your portrait.” I made the misstate of telling Daryl, who I never met, that I disowned my daughter. I was angry. She seemed elated. She never met my FAMOUS sister nor had Heather. The key word is FAME. Daryl had been looking for away to get near my FAMOUS dead sister. Her mother felt my mother left her out. This parasite has been taking delight in seeing me out in the cold, like her dead mother was. This is family revenge using a famous dead person’s painting. I captured this crap on my new cellphone, and will post it when I learn how to transfer them on to my computer.


My daughter was STOLEN by a sick mother who went back to her very abusive husband. Randall was the BIG PRNLEM, not me. If she told me I was a father, I and my family would have wanted to take that baby from Patrice and Randall. Patrice pointed this child at my sister – since she was born! I suspect Patrice is pushing for yet another book about my family where her Gifted Star Child vanquishes Rosamond’s evil brother so her spirit can unite US at last. Heather was her dead grandmother that jumped off a cliff. Patrice believes OUR daughter got all her talent from her – The Stage Mother! I will see an attorney if these ghouls come out with a book.

Above is a video tape Patrice Hanson, as compensation for not being at my daughters graduation, and other father-daughter events. Patrice wanted to her herself and OUR daughter in Tom Snyder’s slanderous book that destroyed the Rosamond estate. I will make sure the following get full credit for helping Snyder do his dirty work. You parasites have hurt me for the last time. I believe Ryan Hunt was an adult when he began to have intercourse with my minor daughter. His mother, Holly Hunt knew my daughter had disappeared from my life with no way to contact her.  Daryl Bulkley knew I had no way to contact MY child. Add, Vicki Presco, Mark Presco, and Shamus Dundon to this list.

I will pay $30 dollars to get this video put in a disc. It will be on this blog, and the internet within a week. Your excuse I am insane – will no longer work! I will be filing taking legal action. I do not deserve to have my grandson taken out of my life.

I am certain the Hansons are presenting my daughter as the embodiment of my dead sister – they never met! Heather has darkened her hair to match the woman in the foreground, who is Christine. This parasite did not paint one painting, to acquire fame. All she and her witches had to do, was get rid of the man who would stop them.

Thank God for MY kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, for exposing the imposters!

Jon Presco

Rosamond Press

Below are the definitions of a husband and a father. This is important in looking at a Family Tree. Being married is the ideal, but not often the case. In this case we are going to look at what a husband is, and what a father is from the viewpoint of a seven year old boy, my grandson, Tyler Hunt.

If Drew Benton’s mother had not died, then Tyler’s mother would have never found me. This is key because this man’s name is on Heather Hanson’s birth certificate. If it was not made clear Heather was my daughter, then Tyler would believe Randall DePiano was his grandfather. Randall begat NO CHILDREN according to his obituary.

“A man who looted $4,000 from a woman’s bank account while posing as Grateful Dead guitar player Bob Weir has been sentenced to two years in prison and fined $500. The sentence was imposed by…

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