The New Acceptance

You got to start using your minds – again!

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We need to broadcast our successes all over the world! I am concerned that Black Panther might become the template, and excuse, for other races to be exclusive. I know mixed-race couples – with children. Below is my daughter’s half-brother with his son by a white woman, who heard stories about Angela Davis from David’s aunts. She is Irish.

I am leery of this idea that there exist a hidden country that is the most technologically advanced on earth. I do not like the show Ancient Aliens, because it claims non-earthlings created most of our art. Scientific advancement is the result of shared ideas amongst all the peoples and races. Germany had all the brains in the world, then, they came up with the worst idea possible…….The Supreme Race of White Supermen and Super Women.

Note the Aryan Man carrying a spear – too! This denotes going back to ones…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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