How Dare You!

The mayor of Oakland stood up to Dragon Trump while Kaynye West got his lips stuck to Negro Don’s ass. If the Wests want to help the cause, get your ass to Oakland, and shut your lying mouths.

Rosamond Press

I posted this last night. This morning the world heard from Emperor Evangelical.

“In his first direct comments about Oakland Mayor Libby Schaafsince she warned of impending ICE raids last month, President Donald Trumpon Thursday called her a “disgrace.”

Neo-Confederate authors of fake history claim the North violated States Rights forcing them to break the law using massive military force. Mayors and Governors of Northern States and Cities, for the most part violated the Fugitive Slave Act, and added to the Underground Railroad. Von Trump sent his Weasel Man to pick a fight, and is coming to California, duplicating the devious pranks Hitler perpetrated in order to own – all the power! He hopes Libby will take the people’s mind off that porn star problem he shoved in our face. He cheated on his wife, and convinced himself, God would never expose him.

All peoples want to…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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