Herbert Armstrong Was A False Prophet

I suspect one of Wilson’s secular friends looked at my blog and saw Bible stuff they know nothing about. I wish Rachel Maddow would author a little red book on religion for atheists, and secular living in the new Bible era. It is clear to me I am a real prophet, which is not what I wanted to be. I want to see much less religion.

Rosamond Press

I have revived the late church of the late prophet, Herbert Armstrong. They tore down his radio station that did not broadcast The Word of God, because Herbert’s prophecies did not come true. He did not forsee the coming of Trump, who has roots in Germany. He did see the Russians as a great threat, and, he saw Britain withdrawing from the European Union – that he predicted would be formed. Not bad!

“However, Armstrong was certain that if Britain joined the European Common Market, either before or after it became the United States of Europe, Britain would withdraw, and would eventually be attacked by ten nations in the ultimate federation of a……”

What Herbert FAILED TO SEE, was that the head of the KGB would declare himself leader of the Russian Orthodox Church – for life! He never believed Communist Russia would fall, and an aspect of THE…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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