Walther Von Dizzyland

Trump praised NASCAR for always saluting the flag.

Rosamond Press

In 1970 the Yippies invaded Disneyland. Back then, when America was great, how many big companies chose to betray America and move their companies overseas to avoid paying taxes?

Last night Rich Von Trump recreated his childhood fantasy by laying the groundwork for his Dizzyland, where the Haves, have it all over the Have-nots. The rich pass his Loyalty Check, while the poor – FAIL! Everyone can be a millionaire, if they want to. Those who don’t, should be put out, on the other side of Trump’s Holy Wall of Zion.

The President’s State of the Union speech was all about Happy Donald, the rich kid who made good. To feel that much richer, he took the Dreamer’s hostage, held them for for a $28 billion dollars ransom. All the money in the world will never make Happy Donalds, happy. Only rendering the poor, poorer, makes him feel good. I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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