My Minor Child Betrayed Me

Weeks before my daughter disappeared from my life for two years, she sent me a letter wherein she suggests we get to know each other better.

“I know nothing of your childhood. What was it like growing up? I would like you to send me your childhood stories.”

I had gotten into a fight with Heather’s mother, because I wanted to take OUR dollar away from the Scientologists she was living with, and live with me in Oregon until she turns eighteen. I was denied this as a father, when I wasn’t told I was a father. Patrice and I were engaged to get married. What Heather and her family wanted was something to give Tom Snyder who was wooing my minor daughter into his camp. He did not want a rival biographer getting their book on the market at the same time his is published. Would Rosamond fans buy the biography written by Rosamond’s brother, or, a total stranger.  I told my daughter and her mother Tom tried to get me to sing a NDA, that would prevent me from writing anything about Christine. What this minor child was into was hijacking my novel and giving it to Tom Snyder. She was doing this for CASH&PRIZES.

When they saw Pierrot’s call on the Rosamond webpage for people to contact her if they knew MY late sister, Heather and her family saw this as a call to come get YOUR MONEY! There had to be $50,000,000 dollars laying around. The Scientologist bid my minor child to get away from THE LOSER. Father’s don’t matter. Heather had been audited.

What Pierrots was calling for was those who commissioned portraits to give her a jingle, and, she would buy that work, and make prints from them. Pierrot got a estate seal with fake signature. Now, she had my bloodline in her camp. She knew she had captured OUR miracle story. Pierrot LURED A MINOR away from her father. She did this FOR MONEY. That was just fine with this seventeen year old child – and her family. Total strangers and her parents, guided and advised her this betrayal.

It is taking me a very long time to believe a human being exists, who would steal someone’s identity and childhood memories and turn them over to a con-artist for money. This estate seal is not ethical. Heather hates artists and Bohemians. She has not respect for what Christine and I did. In her mind, going for all the money you can get, is, forgivable. This minor child helped destroy Rosamond’s estate and legacy – for starters!

You can call this Soul-Murdering. This is like Murder. Humans are murdered all the time to stop contrary INFORMATION from working against you, or, keeping you away from A REWARD you believe you deserve. For a child to be raised with no love for a parent who gave THEM LIFE, is the end our society and creative culture. Here is the list of the DESERVED OUTISDERS who were not in Christine’s Will.





Christine gave me full credit for her success – as her teacher. We were born of the same parents.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

From: Bancrofthouse
Sent: March 12, 2001 2:31:47 PM GMT
Subject: Re: a message from Patrice

Jon, It¡¯s great that its coming together so easily for you to come
here soon. I really trust that this all is in the hands of angels
that everything that is needed will be provided in terms of where
can stay, etc. I will try to talk to Diane today. It¡¯s a little odd
living in someone else¡¯s house because I can¡¯t just open the house
my friends without clearing it and working out an exchange that
for the owner. But she¡¯s really great and I feel she will understand
and be supportive. Plus she is a great
artist and will appreciate another artist and she is very familiar
with Rosamond¡¯s work, so I¡¯m sure it will be perfect and a win for

I thought you should have the number for the phone that goes into
Heather¡¯s room. She has her own line. It is.

I¡¯ve been thinking about the apparent conflict in regard to the
biography. Perhaps there is information I don¡¯t have but it seems to
me that a biography written by the brother would be a very different
book from a very different perspective than one written by an
outsider and so there would be room for the creation of both of
I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of
view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation.
But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We
can talk about it more.

Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive
of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you
with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.

I¡¯m excited too. Maybe not as excited as you and Heather, but pretty
excited. I do look forward to seeing you again. I¡¯m happy this is
out in the open now. It kind of lifts a weight off me that I wasn¡¯t
really aware of but can notice now how much better it feels that you
know about your daughter.

Love and blessings! Patrice

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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