A Female Bond Topic

I found a discussion for a female James Bond. Victoria Bond is a good topic and read. She will not be kick-ass deadly. I am really on to something. Why is Lara Roozemond so aloof. I can not resist the un-attainable woman. I hate to shut-up, but, this might be the best thing – for me! I got something here.

Jon Presco


Yes, having a woman anchor a franchise as big as the 007 series or the Indiana Jones saga would be a big deal, and the IP and brand awareness would all but guarantee that the films would be relative hits. And sure, there are any number of actresses whom I would love to see either wearing the tux or rocking the leather jacket/fedora look while swinging from trees via a bullwhip. But here’s the thing: We wouldn’t need a gender swap for Indiana Jones or James Bond if you, dear moviegoers, would actually spend your time and money on the female-led action movies we already get. We actually had a pretty great female James Bond flick last summer. It was called Atomic Blonde, and most of you missed it.

If you’re going to ignore the new Lara Croft movie, then you don’t deserve a female Indiana Jones flick. And if you turned your nose at Red Sparrow and Atomic Blonde, then you haven’t really earned or justified a female James Bond franchise, either.


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