How Do You Like Your Religoius Squeeze-Play?

For twenty-five years I’ve has a big problem….My liberal-leftist secular friends – turn off if they read the words “Jesus” “God”. Did they hear the silence on CNN and MSNBC today about our secular democracy merging with religious fanatics?  You can’t talk about this, because you are going to appear anti-Christian, and, there go the swing voters over to the Republicans. Think swing voters – if you can! Then understand this….the Jews and the Christians do not follow the same God. No Israeli believes in Jesus, who many evangelicals believe – IS GOD – the God of the Jews. Christians and Jews are telling the world a BIG LIE in order to own more power over their enemies, which includes most Democrats.

I warned you! This will only get worse. The attack on the hungry and free press is coming. Why is this bad news? The fake press will be blamed for people losing their food stamps. The church will come to the rescue. Church basements will open their doors across America. Only ‘The Good News’ will be reported……………inside!

Have a nice day! I turn you over to……………YOUR MESSIAH!

Jon Presco

adjective: secular
  1. 1.
    denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis.
    “secular buildings”
    synonyms: nonreligious, areligious, lay, temporal, worldly, earthly, profane;

    “secular music”
    antonyms: holy, religious
  2. 2.
    Christian Church
    (of clergy) not subject to or bound by religious rule; not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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1 Response to How Do You Like Your Religoius Squeeze-Play?

  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Seeking Islamic Backers For My Newspaper
    Posted on May 15, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

    Play both videos at the same time. Yes those are military trucks on an American campus, backing up Reagan’s political pranksterism, with the help of the religious right, who needed to depict normal Americans as blood-thirsty commies, to make their fucked up cosmology – work for them! It’s the nightmarish Acid Trip – without end! Take a vacation from reality into…….Evangezone!

    Note the fixed bayonets shoved in the face of an unarmed student. The Tea Party was founded by the Koch brothers and Dick Armey. What does the NRA have to say about the use of military weapons against U.S. Citizens?

    I told my ex-Jewish friend why I wanted to move all the Jews in Israel to Baja-Israel.

    “The hawks of Zion have been secretly undermining the Peace Movement in America! They believe the more right-wing our leadership is, the better off THEY will be. They don’t give a shit about Americans – who are not Jews. You got this dual citizenship bullshit!”

    For taking this brave stance for twenty years, I was not invited to his son’s funeral. Jon Gall was my good friend. I drove him to his doctor appointments in my Toyota that was losing its brakes. It finally conked out. This was the staff car for Royal Rosamond Press that I need to promote so I can increase my circulation, so THE TRUTH can be known. God knows my ex-friends were not going to help me, because it fucked up their Mental Divorce Money Status!

    Study People’s Park. American Citizens took over a small plot of land so they can be free to do what they want on – AMERICAL SOIL! The cops moved The People off the land, and built a fence around it. American Citizens tried to tear down that fence, and Reagan called in the National Guard.

    Yesterday, Messiah Trump moved in OUR armed forces onto disputed land, and his Good Squad mowed down unarmed people who just wanted to share this land – with Selfish Jews, who know they are fulfilling FAKE evangelical prophecies, that mose Jews – HATE! This is an outrageous manipulation by a Foreign Power, of our political system – and military! I want to bring a lawsuit against the nation of Israel, who has done more damage to our Sovereign Nation, then Putin – ever did!

    Four days I composed this in my head and having been trying to find time to put it down.

    I sum up the Torah, thus. It is about loss of status, and the return of status. This is the prodigal son story, and the terrible beating Jesus took – and his resurrection. It does not include the return to Zion, if your a Reformed Jew.

    I told this to my friends, Casey, and he said;

    “No one really dies in the Bible!”

    “What a brilliant thing to say!” I told him.

    I now had the complete picture. The Jews invented Public Relations. Yesterday, they lost their Public Relations. To title Trump a Messiah for what he did yesterday, destroys the idea of the Poor prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, and the Resurrection of Jesus. To see Ivanka Trump sitting there at this Great Lie, knowing she is thinking this will really move her jewelry out the door, is the last straw. Because Israel ordered airstrikes against unarmed human beings. This reminded me of the tear-gassing of the University of California. Here’s……The Return to Romance! Bend over!

    I am an American citizen, who registered as a Republican in order to remind y fellow Republican of our roots, established by John Fremont. I owe no allegiance to Israel. I do not have to salute my nation’s flag broadcast on that fucking wall. Tear that mother down! Move it to Baja, after the sane world purchases it from Mexico.

    I am going to appeal to Arab and Islamic nations for financial backing for this newspaper. I spit on the Messiah of the Jews – and his son-in-law! There’s Damian ‘The Anti-Christ’! Messiah Trump has deployed our Armed Forces to Jerusalem. The blood of the unarmed is on our hands. Consider the Boston Massacre.

    I do not seek the help of anyone. I do not want mass demonstrations to move swing votes over the Messiah. You old Cop Outs can just kick back and enjoy – your stuff!

    Then there is the David and Goliath story. The two most powerful armies in the world, could not MAKE PEACE, because, these rich armies wanted to strut around and show off ther GIANT ERRECTIONS. No errection was bigger then the one Ivanka Trump proudly wore, thinkin alas, her and her Daddy have reached the Moral High Ground.

    And, here come John the Baptist!

    “How the mighty have fallen!”

    “Off with his head!”

    No, you go back to smoking your weed. I got this one covered!

    Jon Presco

    President: Royal Rosamond Press

    Though most of those present are reportedly protesting peacefully, several Palestinians attempted to breach the razor-wire barricade, throwing firebombs, rocks and other rudimentary weapons, inciting the lethal response from Israeli Defense Forces, which has blamed the escalation on the Gazan militant group Hamas. The New York Times described the confrontation as “a pitched battle” resulting in “a chaotic panorama of smoke, sirens and tear gas that stretched along the fence.”

    The IDF also called in an airstrike on five Hamas targets in northern Gaza in response to “the violent acts carried out by Hamas over last few hours along the security fence.”

    KPIX Eyewitness News report from May 15th 1969 in Berkeley featuring scenes of student protestors facing off against riot police in UC Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza, low flying helicopters dropping tear gas on the college and National Guard advancing on crowds with fixed bayonets. Also includes views of arrests and students chanting “killers off campus!”

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