What’s Wrong With This Picture?

There is something wrong with this family photo. Can you guess what it is?

O.K. We got a mother and her baby, and, a male that shares the same blood, but, I am not the father of the child. I am the father of the mother. Are there any photos of the father of the child, with the mother of the child – with the child between them? No! This pic is embossing for its like – I am the father! Who is the father of my grandson, Tyler Hunt? Where is he? Oh, there he is, in the pool with his mother Hippie Holly Goddess of Love. These are Holly’s Boys. There’s one more. He took the pic. There might be another child, born of Bartender, Jessica Hallock, whose son is on the far right. That is Tyler in the tube. That is Ryan Hunt in the middle.

When Heather Hanson got pregnant, Ryan insisted she get an abortion. Vicki talked her out of it. Ryan did not want to be a father because Holly of the Fields kept having children – without the fathers being around. Ryan says he lost his childhood taking care of them while his mother worked. Ryan’s father wanted noting to do with him. All of a sudden, this is my daughter’s problem. She is eighteen! I don’t know where she is. Holly does! And she knows her son is seeing members of my family – behind my back! She knows her son cann fill me in on my daughters devious motives – that he took part in. This is why I and the Goddess Mother of Holy Goodness and I have not exchanged one word. I threaten her image of herself as Holly Love! Men – own truths! Bad men!

While this is going on, outsider women are taking over Rosamond’s legacy. They are authoring lying biographies. A woman hires a ghost writer who demonizes my late sister while Holly Hog Woman rolls around in the slop squirting out more ignorant babies that don’t know nothing – like her!

When my daughter went to the hospital to have my grandson, Ryan went out with his friends and got drunk. He was not by my daughter’s side when the child he did not want was born. I got on the train and went to Santa Rosa. All the people in this pool, are in my family tree. They could care less. They want me to die, and make it all go away.

Below is Jessica Hollack with Tyler. Jessica and Heather are friends, and co-mothers? How about, half-mothers? Only Goddess Holly get to be a Full Mother and Grandmother. She rules over her two Breeders! Hail Holly – Hippie Queen Bee! Jessica got into a fight with one of Holly’s Boys. I butted in.

“Think marriage cirtificates! I see all these children, and not one certificate!”


When I went down to Sonoma to see my daughter for the first time, I became romantically involved with her mother, Patrice Hanson, The Acid Queen of Telegraph Avenue. I didn’t see how threatened Heather was, because he stage mother was making her – A Star! She was not longer the center of attention. I wanted a Marriage Certificate, and the Fake Father removed from MY daughters Birth Certificate. Did that happen? Ryan is on my Grandson’s Birth Certificate.

Is……this fair? I am totally out of the picture. Heather told me she was attracted to Ryan after meeting his BIG FAMILY. She lied! She wanted what Holly has, the life-giver center of attention. I think she is a Seed Stealer! She’s on a Power Trip! Fuck her – and all women like her! She uses men, and their children, to hide her extreme mental illness. This is a form of sex abuse. She and her son fucked up my, and my daughter’s life up, but good! She is a Man Hater who hates Man History, and Man genealogies. All her sons will not marry. They are Breeders for their Species!

Jon Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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