Ian Fleming and Prince Bernhard

I did not know this until five minutes ago. It is 3:58 May 5, 2018. I am blown friggen away!

However, on the recommendation of Bernhard’s friend and admirer King George VI, who was also of German aristocratic descent through his mother Mary of Teck and his great-grandfather Prince Albert, and after being personally screened by intelligence officer Ian Fleming at the behest of Churchill, he was later given work to do in the Allied War Planning Councils.

My newspaper, Royal Rosamond Press, and this reporter, has unveiled Ian Flemings most important work that he performed as an officer in Royal Navy Intelligence. It looks like he helped salvage a Royal Kingdom that is full of coats of arms. How did he screen Prince Bernhard? What kind of background check did he employ? Did he look at his coat of arms and genealogy? Did the Rouge Dragon help him? Here we are, at the very core theme of Flemings book, On Her Majesties Secret Service. I wanted to create a new character for Tracy Bond, and Bond – herself! I saw Lara Roozemond as a modern woman. I pulled it off! I discover Lara (Victoria Bond) is The Queen of the Royal Horses! BAM! Nailed it!

Follow your passion! Woman love horses, men like fast cars – and guns! I left out Fast Women, verses James deflowering virgins. Trump and Putin are said to have “stables” of women. I am the only one who suggested Trump was doing Bond – on purpose! Stormy Daniels, and Pussy Galore, are not, waiting in towers for their prince come, kind of women. Would Victoria Bond be sexually aggressive>



I am sick and tired of working in total isolation by people who are jealous of me and my study, or, want to thwart it, anyway they can. I am now going to seek GREATER EXPOSURE!  I need a magazine article to be written about me. I know what magazine.

I believe someone connected to the Royal Dutch family read my post I put on Lara Roozemond’s facebook, where I inform her I am doing a Ian Fleming revival. The House of Orange became alarmed, because it looks like Ian Fleming did something extremely important in SAVING Dutch Royalty, that perhaps President Truman wanted saved. That I am kin to Fleming via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, is extremely profound, for her grandmother was Elizabeth Mary Rosemond. That Cees was a Knight in the Lion, tells me the Roozemonds knew secrets, that they could see I was onto, better than I. Of course they want to publish their book, and bury mine. They got great lawyers on their side, I have none! The Prince and the Pauper.

I would not have arrived at this buried truth, if it were not for the love I have for my beloved Muse, Lara Roozemond! How this love works, and why this love works, is yet to be un-buried, for surely it was a threat to the Christians. To have nine Angelic Women – with wings – transmitting almost divine messages of creation, is a real threat to Mean Old Mr. God, who has been a strict and punishing instructor. I look at the crossed eyes, of Lara, and know, she understands.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

President: Royal Rosamond Press and The Rose Wing Branch of Intelligence that I formed to replace what Trump is destroying.




Second World War[edit]

Prince Bernhard began to make himself popular in the eyes of the Dutch people at the outset of the Second World War. During the German invasion of the Netherlands, the Prince, carrying a machine gun, organised the palace guards into a combat group and shot at German warplanes. The Royal family fled the Netherlands and took refuge in England. In disagreement with Queen Wilhelmina’s decision to leave the Kingdom, the young Prince Consort, aged 28, is said at first to have refused to go and to have wanted to oppose the Nazi occupation from within the country. However, in the end he agreed to join his wife and become head of the Royal Military Mission based in London. Once safely there, his wife Princess Juliana and their children went on to Canada, where they remained until the end of the war.

In England, Prince Bernhard asked to work in British Intelligence but the War Admiralty, and later General Eisenhower’s Allied Command offices, did not trust him sufficiently to allow him access to sensitive intelligence information. However, on the recommendation of Bernhard’s friend and admirer King George VI, who was also of German aristocratic descent through his mother Mary of Teck and his great-grandfather Prince Albert, and after being personally screened by intelligence officer Ian Fleming at the behest of Churchill, he was later given work to do in the Allied War Planning Councils.

“For Bernhard, the Prince of the Netherlands, the war was a frustrating business. Born a German, he had married Queen Wilhelmina’s only child, Princess Juliana, and in due time made a conscious and meaningful transition of loyalties to his new homeland. Because of this, and in view of the doubts his background initially evoked among some Britons, he longed more than anyone for a chance to get at Holland’s aggressors.” Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema aka Soldier of Orange, decorated war hero.[8]

On 25 June 1940, three days after France fell to the German war machine, Bernhard spoke on the Overseas Service of the BBC, calling Hitler a German tyrant and expressing his confidence that Great Britain would defeat the Third Reich.

In 1940, Flight Lieutenant Murray Payne gave the Prince instruction in flying a Spitfire. The Prince made 1,000 flight-hours in a Spitfire with the RAF’s No. 322 (Dutch) Squadron RAF, wrecking two planes during landings. He remained an active pilot throughout his life and flew his last airplane 53 years later, with his grandson and heir to the throne, who inherited his passion for flying.

In 1941, Prince Bernhard was given the honorary rank of wing commander in the Royal Air Force. As “Wing Commander Gibbs (RAF)”, Prince Bernhard flew over occupied Europe, attacking V-1 launch pads in a B-24 Liberator, bombing Pisa and engaging submarines over the Atlantic in a B-25 Mitchell and conducting reconnaissance over enemy-held territory in an L-5 Grasshopper. Prince Bernhard was awarded the Dutch Airman’s Cross for his “ability and perseverance” (Dutch: “bekwaamheid en volharding”).[9] In 1941 he also received a promotion to Honorary Air Commodore.[10]

He also helped organised the Dutch resistance movement and acted as personal secretary for Queen Wilhelmina.

Queen Wilhelmina erased the style “honorary” (the exact words were “à la suite“) in the decree promoting Bernhard to General. In this unconstitutional manner, she gave this Royal Prince a status that was never intended by either Parliament or her Ministers. The Minister of Defence did not choose to correct the Monarch and the Prince took an active and important role in the Dutch Armed forces.

By 1944, Prince Bernhard became Commander of the Dutch Armed Forces. After the liberation of the Netherlands, he returned with his family and became active in the negotiations for the German surrender. He was present during the Armistice negotiations and German surrender at Hotel de Wereld (“The World Hotel“), Wageningen in The Netherlands on 5 May 1945, where he avoided speaking German.[11][12] The Prince was a genuine war hero in the eyes of most of the Dutch and even kept cordial relations with the Communists who fought against the Nazis. In the post-war years he earned respect for his work in helping to reinvigorate the economy of the Netherlands.

The Scandals of the House of Orange

Queen Drugs, Bribes, and Paramilitaries
The Scandals of the House of Orange
All royal houses in Europe have their scandals. From the inappropriate declarations of the Duke of Edinburgh to Prince Charles’s alleged extramarital affairs while married to Princess Diana, to the financial scandals related to the Dutch monarchy and their alleged alteration of a Wikipedia entry to brush away the gossip.Certainly, the House of Orange, the royal family of the Netherlands, seems to have plenty of scandals within and outside their castles walls. One of the most famous occurrences happened in 2007 as the national began reporting on a Dutch royal couple, who acknowledged altering a Wikipedia entry about a scandal that forced the prince to renounce his claim to the throne.At that time, a spokesman for the Royal Information Service admitted that Prince Johan Friso, son of the reigning Queen Beatrix, and Princess Mabel of Oranje-Nassau had changed the wording on the popular Internet site to make it more favorable. The root of the scandal began in 2003 when the princess denied having a romantic affair with drug lord Klaas Bruinsma during her university years in 1989.
But scandals in the Dutch royal family began even earlier, around 50 years ago. In the middle of the 1950s, Prince Bernhard was involved in what some considered a personal vendetta against Greet Hofmans, a renowned faith healer. Hofmans became a personal friend of Queen Juliana, Prince Bernhard’s wife, but he did everything in his power to remove the healer from the court.

Another scandal involving Prince Bernhard submerged the foundation of the House of Orange in 1976 when it was revealed that he had accepted a US$1.1 million bribe from U.S. aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Corporation to influence the Dutch government’s purchase of fighter aircraft.  The scandal made him resign his position as Inspector-General of the Dutch Armed Forces and prompted the sudden abdication of his wife, Queen Juliana.

Prince Bernhard, one of the main characters in Eurochannel’s new series, Crowns & Jewels, also made it onto the headlines in the European press in the early 1990s, when newspapers reported that money he had raised for charity ended up in a private project. The media published that Prince Bernhard had hired KAS International, owned by Special Air Service founder Sir David Stirling, to use mercenaries – mostly British – to fight poachers in nature reserves. The paramilitary group infiltrated organizations to put an end to the illegal trade in ivory, but it was proven that they were also profiting from it.

In 2004 an interview revealed that Prince Bernhard accepted the bribes from Lockheed, and that he had fathered two illegitimate daughters in the years following his marriage.

Return to Crowns & Jewels

Order of the Netherlands Lion

Lara Roozemond’s grandfather, is

Cornelis Marinus Lauwerens (Cees) Roozemond (Sint Philipsland, 23 May 1927 – Rotterdam, 18 November 2008) was a Dutch journalist, politician and director. He was, among other things, mayor of Alkmaar. Roozemond was a member of the Labor Party .

He was awarded The Order of the Netherlands that comes from the House of Orange, and William the 1st. from who William the 3rd. descends, whose image is carried in all Orange Parades! Lara Roozemond, and others who were reading this blog, were blown away! I was conducting a Psychic Search for my Rosamond kindred in Holland. The question is, did I find them? Are these Roozemonds rightful owners of this name and Rose Line? Are they Pretenders? There has to be an explanation why there was an attempt to SILENCE ME, even, disappear me!

I believe Lara Roozemond is my kindred, and THEY know it. Lara’s brothers have brown eyes. Lara bright blue eyes like my grandfather, Royal Rosamond! So, this is why she want his blog, removed! She wondered about her eyes, and how she got them.

The chance this Rosemond line, would want to own my history – is high! This is a real Ian Fleming novel. This, is the real deal! They are pouring over this blog! I own, the Last Key! The back and forth battle over these titles and Orange lands – is epic! I now suspect the Giant Roozemont Horse is linked to a human genealogy – that has alas Triumphed! I saw all this and recorded this in a psychic fashion. Go back thirty posts, and read to here!


Perhaps, instead of owning a cote of arms, they own a Royal Frisian Horse? Who knows what truths will reveal themselves – after this! I am free to write a form of Historic-Fiction that Fleming applied via coats of arms. I have found the Rose Line, for in Horse, there is a………..rose!

Victoria Bond is shocked to learn her father, she never met, is living in Holland, and has a stable of Royal Frisian Horses.

John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press & Fashions

Copyright 2018


Roozemond was born in Sint Philipsland. After completing the HBS, he initially worked as a journalist for the Nieuwsblad van het Noorden and Het Vrije Volk. From 1965 to the end of 1966 he was the first editor in chief of the weekly magazine Voetbal International. Roozemond then became a member of the executive committee of the Rijnmond Public Body. In 1977 he exchanged this position for the mayor of Alkmaar.
In Alkmaar he made a case for urban renewal and the establishment of new companies and he took care of the construction of light poles in the local stadium Alkmaarderhout. After his retirement in 1988 he was acting mayor in Smallingerland and Almere. Until 2005 he lived in the Frisian Goënga. In the last years of his life he lived in the Rotterdam apartment house

Order of the Netherlands Lion

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Order of the Netherlands Lion
Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw
Kruis van een Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw.jpg

The decoration of a Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion
Awarded by Kingdom of the Netherlands
Type Chivalric order with three degrees
Established 29 September 1815
Awarded for Those with merits of a very exceptional nature for society
Status Currently constituted
Grand Master King Willem-Alexander
Chancellor Lieutenant General J.H. de Kleyn
Grades Knight Grand Cross
Former grades Brother
Next (higher) Honorary Medal for Charitable Assistance in Gold
Next (lower) Order of Orange-Nassau
NLD Order of the Dutch Lion - Knight BAR.png
Ribbon bar of the Order of the Netherlands Lion

The Order of the Netherlands Lion, also referred to as the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands (Dutch: De Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw, French: L’Ordre du Lion Néerlandais) is a Dutch order of chivalry founded by King William I of the Netherlands on 29 September 1815.

The Order of the Netherlands Lion was until recently awarded upon eminent individuals from all walks of life, including generals, ministers of the crown, mayors of large towns, professors and leading scientists, industrialists, high-ranking civil servants, presiding judges and renowned artists. Since 1980 the Order has been primarily used to recognise merit in the arts, science, sport and literature; others have been awarded the Order of Orange-Nassau instead.

The Order ranks after the Military William Order, which is only awarded for military merit. The second and third class of the Order are not awarded to foreigners; they are eligible for the Order of Orange-Nassau or the Order of the Crown instead.

The King of the Netherlands is the Grand Master of the Order. The Order is issued in three classes. There was also a Medal for “Brothers” which had not been conferred since 1960. The Brothers became extinct and the grade was abolished in 1994.


The following classes and grades exist for the Order:

  1. Knight Grand Cross – Reserved for members of the Royal Family, foreign Heads of State and a select group of former prime ministers, princes and cardinals. Wears the badge on a sash on the right shoulder, plus the star on the left chest.
  2. Commander – Usually conferred upon Dutch Nobel Prize winners, a few distinguished artists, writers and politicians. Wears the badge on a necklet, plus an identical breast cross on the left chest.
  3. Knight – Wears the badge on a ribbon on the left chest.
  4. Brother – No longer issued; see section below. Wore the medal on a ribbon on the left chest.
Ribbon bars
NLD Order of the Dutch Lion - Grand Cross BAR.png

Knight Grand Cross

NLD Order of the Dutch Lion - Commander BAR.png


NLD Order of the Dutch Lion - Knight BAR.png


NLD Order of the Dutch Lion - Brother BAR.png



The insignia of the Order (from top to down): breast star and badge on sash for the Grand Cross rank, badge suspended on necklet together with breast badge for the Commander rank, and badge on a ribbon for the Knight rank

The Medal for a brother of the order

The badge of the Order is a gilt, white-enamelled Maltese Cross, with the monogram “W” (for King William I) between the arms of the cross. The obverse central disc is in blue enamel, bearing the motto Virtus Nobilitat (Virtue Ennobles). The reverse central disc is plain golden, with the lion from the Netherlands coat-of-arms. The badge hangs from a royal crown. As with all honours awarded by the Netherlands, the insignia comprises a decoration, a miniature and optionally a breast star. The decoration and breast stars are only worn at formal occasions or while in state office. While wearing a smoking, it is allowed to wear the miniature. Decorations are not worn on any other type of clothing.[1]

Knight Grand Cross[edit]

The decoration hangs from a ribbon. This is tied as a sash, which is worn from the right shoulder to the left hip.

The star, consisting of the decoration without crown, is attached to an eight-pointed slightly rounded golden star consisting of forty-eight rays. The rays of the star are alternately scaled and all tied at the ends. The star is worn directly above the waist on the left-hand side of the clothing. The star and the medal described above are always worn together.

The miniature is a ribbon tied as a rosette, behind which a bar of gold braid is attached. This is all attached to a bow. The miniature is worn in the place of the decorations described above.



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