Witherspoon and the Great Awakening



Above is my grandfather, born Frank Wesely Rosamond, who adopted the pen names, Royal Rosamond, and Roy Reuben Rosamond. I will be adding to this page over a period of time. So, check back. Above is Royal reading his newspaper/magazine ‘Bright Stories’. If anyone has seen a copy, let me know. All Royal’s books are self-published by ‘Gem Publishing’. Below are letters exchanged between, Royal, and his friend Otto Rayburn.



Never before in the history of genealogical tales, have we seen a dog come to the rescue of a poor old man, being snubbed by his beautiful young woman, while he is hot on the trail of a good story, because, he owns a newspaper named after his grandfather, Royal Rosamond. When I brought Dottie Withersppon to California, her father did a background check on me, and the sheriff of Greenville pulled up my cousin I never met, who had a record a mile long. This good father sent his daughter a letter with a note taped tightly shut. Inside, he said “Get away from Greg. He is a dangerous criminal!” I heard Dottie let out a shout; “Greg! Get your ass in here!” She was still in bed.

A month later, we bought a Blue Tick hound we named Benjamin, because he was born on the Fourth of July. Dottie is kin to Reese Witherspoon, who has become the matriarch of Hollywood, now that Liz Taylor is gone. I am now seeking an apology from Lara Roozemond. I will got to great lengths, to get one.

Here’s the big picture I am getting. It has become fashionable amongst young people to disrespect your elders – and the legacies they are going to leave them – lest they have a hold over you, lest they expect something in return.

I suspect Cees Roozemond and I would become famous friends, talking about pedigrees and legacies. If Lara Roozemond is coming to Hollywood, she better pay her respects to Reese, and leave her Euro Snobbery somewhere over the Atlantic.

Lara Roozemond evicted my grandfather’s history from her facebook. She erased him. He wasn’t hurting anyone.

You’re going to pay, Lara! These Blue Ticks got pedigrees that go way back!

Here Blue! You good dog, you!

Jon Presco






Rosamond Press

If there was a Great Awakening in America that had a monumental affect on our Founding Fathers, then it was the Signer, John Witherspoon, who is to blame.

“Presbyterian John Witherspoon, president of the College of New Jersey (later Princeton), attended the Continental Congress as a delegate. In Virginia, even a Church of England minister supported the Revolutionaries, shouting out “God preserve all the just rights and liberties of America” to a stunned congregation.”

Above is a photo of Dorothy (Dottie) Witherspoon and myself in taken in 1971. She descends from John, and the Calvinist, John Knox. When I was told by a Seer I have two children, Dottie came to mind as being the mother of one of my children, before my daughter came into my life when she was sixteen. Until I did the math I wondered if Reese Witherspoon was my child.

There is a debate whether…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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