The Royal Friesian Stud Book

I am a registered Republican – after my kin – John and Jessie Fremont. I will write Trump and inform him about the Royal Stud Book. He might want to buy a horsy or two.

Is Cees Roozemont into human genealogies, too? Does his daughter know this? Is she bored of her father’s interest, and thus, may not want us to get know each other?

Jon Presco

Cees Roozemond new chairman KNHS
Posted on March 19, 2018
Cees Roozemond was appointed as the new chairman of the KNHS at the Members’ Council meeting on 19 March 2018. He succeeds Theo Ploegmakers, who fulfilled this role for nine years. We would like to briefly introduce Cees Roozemond to you:
Cees Roozemond (1959) was chairman of the royal association “Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek” (KFPS) from 2005 to 2014. He was also a member of the Board of the Sector Council Horses from 2008 to 2010. In his hometown Bergen NH he was, until recently, owner of Stal Groeneweg. In addition, Cees fulfills numerous other activities: chairman Stichting het Paard van Friesland, chairman of the board of directors of SC Heerenveen, chairman of the supervisory board of Thialf and advisor Logistics Beequip. Cees is married and is the father of three adult children.
The Confidential Advisory Committee of the Council of Members argued the choice for Cees as follows:
“Mr. Roozemond is a very experienced director and has a large international network. He is well able to connect, is a team player and knows how to present himself well. Because of his management experience at the KFPS, among other things, he has more than enough experience to be a chairman who dares to innovate and is expected to have sufficient experience to guide and support the developments of the KNHS. He has a clear vision. The long-term policy plan ‘Changing hand’ will be able to provide Cees with excellent guidance and support. ”
Cees reacts positively to his appointment:
“I’m ready and I’m really looking forward to it. I am confident that we will work together on a beautiful equestrian future with respect for each other and with the look ahead. ”
You will soon be able to read an extensive interview with Cees Roozemond on
In the same Membership Council meeting on 19 March, Aukje Kroondijk was chosen as KNHS board member. Read the report of the Council of Members here.

Look here for more information about the composition of the KNHS board.

Startup BEEQUIP finances used equipment for SME’s

Press Release –

Newly founded equipment leasing company BEEQUIP focuses on the financing of handling equipment for small and medium enterprises in the sectors infra, earthmoving, construction and logistics. The startup differentiates itself by offering speed and flexibility and a focus on the value of equipment. BEEQUIP looks further than company figures and cash flows. The founders are Joris Linders, Peter Loef and Giel Claes in cooperation with NIBC. The financial services provider from The Hague has committed herself strategically.

The Dutch market for financing company assets is concentrated. The Dutch Association of Leasing Companies indicates that EUR 5.2 billion of equipment was financed by this limited number of parties in 2015. That represents 12% of all investments in equipment in 2015. So, there is room for a new entrepreneurial player in the market.

Joris Linders, co-founder of BEEQUIP: “Our team has a clear motivation for the startup: to provide the small and medium enterprises, as the driving force behind the Dutch economy, with the funding for equipment to fuel growth again. Our team has a wealth of experience in both the financial and the equipment world. This experience, in combination with our entrepreneurial spirit, speed and clarity, will be applied to let Dutch SME’s grow again. An entrepreneur wants to know the same week if he or she can purchase his equipment, even if his figures are not accepted by the traditional market parties.”

BEEQUIP can offer that speed by its focus on the value of equipment based on a strong network in the equipment world. This means that company figures are of lesser importance. This focus has already allowed BEEQUIP to execute equipment leasing transactions on the basis of used equipment. Many Dutch family businesses own equipment that has a higher market value than its book value. This is to thank the high quality of equipment brands and thorough maintenance. BEEQUIP converts this potential into liquid assets which support organic or even non-organic growth. Investments in IT and the team are further adding to
necessary speed and flexibility. The BEEQUIP team already consists of 14 employees in the Rotterdam office overlooking the river Maas.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    When Associate Captital suggested their two dogs attend burning man festivals, I thought about the ditty I did about the burning man mounting Cees Roozmond’s dream, and, riding up tothe Alps to capture the Ski Children of the Rich. Lara’s father – is Bondish! Bigger than life. To emerge from his shadow might be the quest of many women today. We saw Women in White in the audience when Big Trump gave his State of the Union Speech. You can feel it coming – in the air. The whisper of a woman poet and theepian. Lara and The Trojan Horse
    Posted on April 30, 2018
    by Royal Rosamond Press

    This is why Lara has refused to respond to my messages, the first one suggesting we are OF THE HORSE BLOOD! Rosamond means “Horse protection”. Hrosmund. Did Cees see my posts, and is furious? What have I stumbled upon – The Priory de Sion – who want to build a GIANT HORSE in the wilderness? Does Cees see his daughter mounting that horse? My God, I have been insulting the shit out of Cees’ pet project!
    What a story! Lara is destined for Hollywood – and Cees knows it! Watch this video! I am going to write the Dutch Government and suggest they honor our kin Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor at this monument! The truth needs to be told! It needs to get out! Lara has been buried alive! In the scene where she is anointed the Eel Queen, the Pope who is watching on T.V. pushes a button with these letters on it OD. And, out he comes from his room. You see his shiny shoes, then the back of a huge man, heading for his mater. Lara has inadvertently stirred up some real holy shit!
    Jon Presco

    Lara! She calls to you!
    “Come away Lara…..with me!”

    A proud and elegant Frysk Hynder in a beautiful location at the gate of the province. A special image that fits in the environment as if it had been there from a long time ago. A familiar landmark for the people passing by, inextricably linked to the province of Fryslân.
    The dream location is a place in the area around the head of the Afsluitdijk on the Frisian side. The Afsluitdijk as a symbol of the Dutch battle against water, combined with the image of the Horse, as an icon of Fryslân, will undoubtedly become an attraction of international allure.
    On this website you will find all information about this artwork of steel, over 25 meters high which has to be built with Frisian craftsmanship. You can download the newsletter and you can read the latest messages that have appeared in the media. And not unimportant, you can become a friend of Het Paard van Fryslân via our website.
    If you would like to know more about this project, please view the detailed project description .

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