The Trump And Paris Hilton Sex Tapes

Paris Hilton, Carrie Fischer, and Ian Fleming are in my family tree, along with the Gettys, Mellons, and Rothcschilds. I am trying bring ll these people under a sane Brand that will us real creative strength. WE are being preyed upon and shamed. Paris Hilton’s life is front and center in a new documentary, and it’s anything but simple.
The American Meme follows the hotel heiress and socialite, recapping the nearly two decades she’s spent in the public eye. Hilton, 37, rose to fame when she was 19 years old after a Vanity Fair photo shoot with her sister in 2000. She nabbed a starring role in the hit Fox reality show The Simple Life three years later, making her a household name.
But Hilton’s celebrity skyrocketed after a sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Fallomon was leaked in 2004.

Rosamond Press

Paris Hilton is on my family tree. Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was married to Conrad Hilton, and was Paris’s great aunt. There is a sex-tape in regards to whether Donald would have sex with twelve year old Paris who worked for the Trump modeling agency. Melania showed Donald the famous sex video of Paris. Several males of the Hilton family are named Barron. The Trumps and Hiltons have been friendly for a long time.

Here is an article that claims my Rosy kindred made Donald Trump what he is a ‘Capturer of Beauty’.  This is the premise of my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’. Paris was a young Sleeping Beauty waiting to be marketed like Liz was.

Jon Presco

Oh, dear. Donald Trump made an icky comment about meeting Paris Hilton when she was just 12 years old. The admission came during a 2003 interview with Howard Stern that’s…

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