Lara is armed with a pen – and warm heart! I love everything she writes. Victoria Bond won’t even touch a gun!




You are so strong

You have so much hidden power

And that inscrutable sound that you make

When you appear my heart breaks

what you are capable of is incomprehensible

the fact that you exist is not acceptable

loaded with anger and determination

releasing pain and frustration

Unfortunately not out of reach

There are so many people that you seek

You create an outburst of fear

Exactly why some people want you near

The fact is that you are for sale

And that’s where we fail

Emotions fill up the space,

tears are building up

fire starts to burn

bom released

Loud noise, limited view, no air


In case of danger                                  run


Fear dominates the lives

where envy and inequality derives

A foreigner is now a terrorist

a local an egoist

trust is gone

misgiving is upon

Afraid of our own shadow

Uncontrolled emotions that overflow

Blown away by Powerlessness

Throwing ourselves into prejudices and false opinions

Swimming in a sea of rules

Stuck in Judgements

We get suspicious of every stranger

Because we do not want the danger

In case of danger run

im running

Running from reality

Running without a destination

Running from myself

The motion flows, my lack of understanding grows


Schermafbeelding 2018-04-24 om 20.38.59.png

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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